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Kenya, 8 May 2018: Polio vaccination campaign launched to protect children against outbreak

Kenya, 8 March 2018: Female-focused van for International Women’s Day

Kenya, 20 January 2018: UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore visits Kenya

Kenya, 15 September 2017: Nutrition crisis deepening

Kenya, 20 March 2017: Government of Japan contributes US$500,000 to UNICEF’s drought response

Kenya, 2 March 2017: More than 1 million children affected by drought – UNICEF

Kenya, 6 February 2017: Statement on International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Kenya, 5 December 2016: Through the Lens of a Child: Children participate in a photography workshop to highlight malnutrition

Kenya, 22 December 2016: UNICEF transports vaccines and equipment to Garissa after fire at Ministry of Health Depot

Kenya, 13 May 2016: UNICEF partners with University of Nairobi to innovate for children and young children

Kenya, 26 April 2016: Save the Children and UNICEF launch the Every Last Child Campaign

Nairobi, 22 March 2016: UNICEF and Unilever unite to improve access to safe water in sub-Saharan Africa

Johannesburg/Nairobi, 17 February 2016: UNICEF: Malnutrition mounts as El Niño takes hold

New York/Geneva, 10 November 2015: Children’s lives at stake as El Niño strengthens

Kenya, 26 October 2015: EU helps boost UNICEF’s humanitarian work

Kenya, 5 October 2015: Remote, but not forgotten: UNICEF & Educate A Child launch education campaign

Kenya, 22 July 2015: UNICEF partners with World Vision to promote school health

Kenya, 28 April 2015: Event calls for a ‘Vote for Education’ for the next generation

Kenya, 16 February 2015: Government of Kenya, European Union and UNICEF launch multi-million Euro programme to help prevent child and maternal malnutrition at a National Nutrition Symposium

Kenya, 30 January 2015: First-ever social protection conference concludes with a joint call to action

New York/Conakry/Kigali/Nairobi, 18 November 2014: Statement on the death of Marcel Rudasingwa, former UNICEF Representative in Kenya

Kenya, 12 November 2014: Joint statement from WHO and UNICEF on the Tetanus Vaccine

Kenya, 31 July 2014: ECHO funds help contain polio outbreak in Horn of Africa

Nairobi, 22 November 2013: Polio outbreak in Horn of Africa: Tapering off six months on, but no place for complacency

Kenya, 30 September 2013: Kenya study looks at the growing community of young Internet users

Nairobi, 26 August 2013: UN agencies meet in Nairobi to enhance cooperation in global fight against malnutrition

Kenya, 29 November 2012: Government committed to addressing findings on Violence Against Children Study Report

Kenya, 23 July 2012: Story of drought and food insecurity in Kenya wins first-ever UNICEF-sponsored CNN MultiChoice TV News Bulletin Award

Horn of Africa, 20 July 2012: Horn of Africa crisis one year on – famine reversed, countless lives saved, but situation of millions of women and children still grave

UNICEF, 11 April 2012: Despite recent improvements, outlook for the Horn of Africa increasingly worrisome

Horn of Africa, 4 November 2011: UNICEF opens humanitarian warehouse in Dubai for nutrition supplies for southern Somalia

Horn of Africa, 20 October 2011: UNICEF report – Crisis is far from over

Horn of Africa, 26 September 2011: ‘Context, challenges and best practices’ – UNICEF and FAO announce expert briefing on crisis

Horn of Africa, 14 September 2011: Podcast: Ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa threatens the new school year

Horn of Africa, 7 September 2011: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N’Dour calls for “indivertible and undivided focus” on plight of children affected by crisis

Horn of Africa, 16 August 2011: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo to lead a live Q&A on livestream on the crisis

Italy, 26 July 2011: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director to the Rome meeting to address the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa, 26 July 2011: UNICEF plans massive scale up to respond to crises

Horn of Africa, 18 July 2011: Situation set to get worse for millions of children

Nairobi/New York/Geneva/London, 15 July 2011: As impact of drought worsens, UNICEF scales up humanitarian response

Horn of Africa, 30 June 2011: UNICEF concerned about impact of drought and food crisis on children

Kenya, 3 June 2011: Impact of the drought in the Horn of Africa

Kenya, 14 February 2011: Kenya marks the global roll out of pneumococcal vaccine against the world’s leading cause of child death

Horn of Africa, 30 July 2010: The region once again polio-free, UNICEF and polio partners announce



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