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Somalia, 17 July 2018: EU tops up funding for UNICEF to help children affected by humanitarian crises

South Sudan, 9 July 2018: 3 in 4 children born since independence have known nothing but war – UNICEF

South Sudan, 3 July 2018: Up to 2.4 million children are not attending school

Geneva, 8 June 2018: Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children in Somalia

South Sudan, 18 May 2018: For third time this year, hundreds of children released by armed groups – UNICEF

South Sudan, 30 April 2018: Aid workers released unharmed

South Sudan, 18 April 2018: Hundreds of children released from armed groups in South Sudan – UNICEF

South Sudan, 26 February 2018: Nearly two-thirds of the country’s population at risk of rising hunger

South Sudan, 7 February 2018: Hundreds of children released by armed groups

31 January 2018: 3 in 10 young people in conflict or disaster-stricken countries are illiterate – UNICEF

South Sudan, 19 January 2018: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore following two-day visit to conflict-ravaged country South Sudan

South Sudan, 15 December 2017: “Childhood under attack” as country enters fifth year of fighting

Rwanda, 29 November 2017: UNICEF and partners welcome the Ambassador of Japan to Mahama Refugee Camp

Somalia, 21 November 2017: China contributes US$2 million toward UNICEF’s humanitarian response

South Sudan, 6 November 2017: Harvest season provides meagre respite to hunger crisis

Kenya, 15 September 2017: Nutrition crisis deepening

Somalia, 2 June 2017: UNICEF’s drought response boosted with GBP £20 million from UK

Angola, 1 June 2017: UNICEF reaches children fleeing to Angola from violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Zimbabwe, 17 May 2017: UN funds boost to flood disaster response

Uganda, 9 May 2017: Summit aims to raise US$ 2 billion for refugees and host communities

South Sudan, 8 May 2017: More than one million children have fled escalating violence

Somalia, 2 May 2017: Projected number of severely malnourished children up 50 per cent

Somalia, 25 April 2017: In a country hit by drought, children also face potentially deadly measles threat

Somalia, 7 April 2017: Families on the move in Somaliland ravaged by drought

Ethiopia, 6 April 2017: The Government of Japan gives US$ 2 million to UNICEF for drought affected populations in Somali Region

Somalia, 30 March 2017: As famine looms, malnutrition and disease rise sharply among children

29 March 2017: 27 million people lack safe water in countries facing or at risk of famine

South Sudan, 28 March 2017: UNICEF and partners assist more than 145,000 people in famine-hit areas

28 March 2017: Time is running out for children as famine, drought and war threaten millions

27 March 2017: UNICEF statement on killing of aid workers in South Sudan

Kenya, 20 March 2017: Government of Japan contributes US$500,000 to UNICEF’s drought response

Madagascar, 17 March 2017: UNICEF humanitarian airlift arrives in aid of thousands affected by Cyclone Enawo

Mozambique, 7 March 2017: Japan supports vulnerable families living in drought affected areas

Somalia, 3 March 2017: Call for support: appropriate infant and young child feeding in emergencies

Kenya, 2 March 2017: More than 1 million children affected by drought – UNICEF

Rwanda, 20 February 2017: UNICEF and UNHCR collaborate with the Government to launch the “back to school” campaign for Burundian refugees

South Sudan, 21 February 2017: Life-saving support urgently needed in Greater Unity region

21 February 2017: Nearly 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death as famine looms in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen – UNICEF

Malawi, 16 February 2017: UNICEF deploys drones for flood response in Salima and Lilongwe

South Sudan, 20 February 2017: Famine hits parts of the country

Somalia, 17 February 2017: World must act now to save lives, U.N. agencies warn

31 January 2017: New open source app helps protect children displaced by conflict

Zimbabwe, 30 January 2017: United States provides US$4 million to alleviate impact of drought on people living with HIV

Mozambique, 30 January 2017: Drought through the eyes of a child

Rwanda, 25 January 2017: Republic of Korea provides funds for protecting and improving the lives of children in Mahama Refugee Camp

Somalia, 24 January 2017: Drought forces parents to choose which children to feed as they flee their village

Ethiopia, 17 January 2017: Government and humanitarian partners launch 2017 Humanitarian Requirements Document

Ethiopia, 11 January 2017: Government of Ethiopia and humanitarian partners release 2017 humanitarian response planning document

Uganda, 15 December 2016: Appeal to end suffering of South Sudanese refugees

South Sudan, 15 December 2016: Rise in child recruitment as conflict enters fourth year

9 December 2016: Nearly a quarter of the world’s children live in conflict or disaster-stricken countries: UNICEF

South Sudan, 30 November 2016: UNICEF Ambassador Tom Hiddleston returns as the brutal conflict enters its fourth year

South Sudan, 20 November 2016: Universal Children’s Day: A wake-up call on child rights violations

Somalia, 15 November 2016: Thousands of children displaced and out of school due to Galkayo fighting

South Sudan, 26 October 2016: 145 children released armed groups – UNICEF

Zimbabwe, 22 September 2016: Sharp rise in children needing assistance as El Niño bites

New York, 19 September 2016: UNICEF statement on the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants

Nairobi/Johannesburg, 7 September 2016: Nearly 50 million children “uprooted” worldwide – UNICEF

South Sudan, 19 August 2016: Hundreds of children recruited by armed groups, as violations against women and children increase – UNICEF

Ethiopia, 12 August 2016: Government and partners launch the mid-year review of Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) for 2016

Uganda, 22 July 2016: UNICEF response to South Sudan refugee situation

South Sudan, 20 July 2016: Sharp rise in suspected cholera cases

South Sudan, 13 July 2016: UNICEF providing urgent aid for families displaced by fighting

9 July 2016: UNICEF statement on violence in South Sudan

8 July 2016: El Niño is over but its impact on children is set to worsen as disease, malnutrition continue to spread

South Sudan, 2 July 2016: Children uprooted by recent violence receive measles vaccination

South Sudan, 29 June 2016: Unprecedented level of food insecurity, UN agencies warn

Ethiopia, 22 June 2016: Sweden responds to El Niño-driven drought

Gambella/Dakar/Nairobi,16 June 2016: African youth to African leaders: “You must do more to end conflicts in Africa”

1 June 2016: The power of education for building peace in Africa

Ethiopia, 23 May 2016: Best practices in drought response showcased at WHS side event

20 May 2016: UNICEF at the World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul, 23 - 24 May 2016

Ethiopia, 26 April 2016: Germany announces 10 million euro support for drought response

Ethiopia, 22 April 2016: UNICEF’s largest global purchase of therapeutic food for children

Mozambique, 18 April 2016: UN increases support to Government drought response after institutional red alert

South Sudan, 20 April 2016: Joint rapid response missions reach more than 1 million people

22 April 2016: Two-thirds of unimmunized children live in conflict-affected countries – UNICEF

Ethiopia, 13 April 2016: Ireland and UNICEF respond to drought emergency

11 April 2016: UNICEF and WFP respond to needs of drought-affected people in Somaliland and Puntland

Ethiopia, 29 March 2016: Humanitarian partners launch campaign to address funding gaps in drought response

24 March 2016: 87 million children under 7 have known nothing but conflict – UNICEF

South Sudan, 11 March 2016: Race for survival as children struggle in forgotten crisis

South Sudan, 22 February 2016: Children left injured and homeless after violence in Malakal

South Sudan, 17 February 2016: Education drive to benefit half a million out-of-school children

Johannesburg/Nairobi, 17 February 2016: UNICEF: Malnutrition mounts as El Niño takes hold

South Sudan, 8 February 2016: UN agencies warn of escalating food crisis

South Sudan, 12 January 2016: Highest proportion of out-of-school children in global conflict zones

Ethiopia, 15 December 2015: US$1.4 billion urgently required to meet food and non-food needs for 10.2 million people

Burundi, 15 December 2015: Urgent action needed to prevent a humanitarian crisis

15 December 2015: UNHCR and UNICEF highlight unrelenting children’s crisis

South Sudan, 27 November 2015: UNICEF Advocate Ishmael Beah witnesses impact of conflict on children

24 November 2015: Children will bear the brunt of climate change: UNICEF

Nairobi, 18 November 2015: Children’s futures being compromised as violence escalates in Burundi, says UNICEF

South Sudan, 12 November 2015: UNICEF and LGen Dallaire call for urgent action to protect children from becoming soldiers

South Sudan, 29 October 2015: UNICEF and WFP launch mass nutrition screening as hunger threatens lives of children

Kenya, 26 October 2015: EU helps boost UNICEF’s humanitarian work

South Sudan, 22 October 2015: UN calls for immediate access to conflict-affected areas to prevent catastrophe

Uganda, 21 September 2015: International Day of Peace: Government and UNICEF promote teaching and learning for peace

South Sudan, 9 September 2015: UNICEF and WFP intensify efforts to defeat malnutrition

New York, 24 July 2015: Violence involving children in conflicts has taken a darker turn -- UNICEF

Nairobi, 19 June 2015: Statement attributable to UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern & Southern Africa, Leila Gharagozloo-Pakkala, on school attack in Burundi

New York, 17 June 2015: Unspeakable violence against children in South Sudan – UNICEF chief

Burundi, 27 May 2015: UNICEF renews call for protection and safety of children amidst violence

South Sudan, 27 May 2015: Children face worsening nutrition crisis as fighting intensifies

Rwanda, 23 May 2015: The Ministry of Health, UNICEF and partners to vaccinate 10,000 Burundian refugee children against potentially deadly polio and measles

21 May 2015: Cholera outbreak triggers UNICEF relief operation at Burundi-Tanzania border

South Sudan, 18 May 2015: Children killed, abducted and raped in attacks

Burundi, 15 May 2015: Tens of thousands of children flee violence

Juba/Nairobi/New York, 24 April 2015: 282 boys and 1 girl freed in final release of children from Cobra Faction in South Sudan

Uganda, 13 April 2015: ECHO provides additional 1 million Euros for UNICEF’s South Sudanese refugee emergency response

Rwanda, 2 April 2015: The Government of Japan provides US$1.3 million to UNICEF for improving the lives of refugee children

31 March 2015: New competition aims to find creative solutions to education challenges in conflict zones

Juba/Nairobi/New York, 21 March 2015: Nine year old girl soldier freed in large release of child soldiers in South Sudan

South Sudan, 28 February 2015: Children seized from school not released yet

South Sudan, 21 February 2015: UNICEF condemns new child abductions by armed group

South Sudan, 19 February 2015: Amid conflict, 400,000 children will go back to school

South Sudan, 10 February 2015: More children released from armed group

Malawi, 9 February 2015: One months after the rains, new numbers reveal increased displaced population

South Sudan, 4 February 2015: On edge of nutrition catastrophe if hostilities don’t end now

Malawi, 26 January 2015: UNICEF emergency supplies distributed to flood affected communities

South Sudan, 27 January 2015: Thousands of children to be gradually released from armed group

Malawi, 21 January 2015: UNICEF relief supplies for flood victims land at KIA Lilongwe

Malawi, 19 January 2015: UNICEF steps up relief efforts for flood victims as rains continue

Ethiopia, 15 January 2015: German Development Bank grants 5 million Euros to UNICEF for the South Sudanese refugee response

South Sudan, 3 April 2014: Government of Japan contributes US$ 4.4 million to support South Sudanese children affected by emergencies

South Sudan/Geneva, 12 December 2014: One year after conflict, children still under daily threat

New York/Geneva, 8 December 2014: With 15 million children caught up in major conflicts, UNICEF declares 2014 a devastating year for children

Uganda, 6 November 2014: 16,597 displaced by floods in Ntoroko; OPM, UNICEF provide relief

Uganda, 4 November 2014: PLE pupils from Ntoroko district to stay an extra day in temporary sites due to floods

Uganda, 3 November 2014: PLE pupils from Ntoroko District sit first set of examinations despite rainy season

South Sudan, 16 October 2014: Survey shows education is number one priority

South Sudan, 29 May 2014: USAID, UNICEF announce $17 million emergency education project for war-displaced children

South Sudan, 30 September 2014: UNICEF and WFP: Missions reach more than 500,000

South Sudan, 23 September 2014: Child malnutrition emergency

Uganda, 27 August 2014: ECHO provides 1.9 million euro in emergency funds to UNICEF in response to South Sudanese refugee influx

Copenhagen/Geneva/New York, 26 August 2014: UNICEF deploys its largest emergency supply operation ever in a single month

South Sudan, 18 August 2014: UNICEF: Responding to dire emergency, the European Commission adds €5 million toward scale up for children

Somalia, 8 July 2014: Drought conditions set to worsen food crisis

South Sudan, 25 July 2014: Children cannot wait for famine before world acts

South Sudan, 8 July 2014: UNICEF and WFP stepping up assistance to desperate people in remote areas

South Sudan, 24 June 2014: Government recommits to action plan to end recruitment and use of children

South Sudan, 16 June 2014: A call for peace by children

South Sudan, 19 May 2014: Cholera cases rapidly multiplying

Oslo, 18 May 2014: UNICEF fears the worst for hundreds of thousands of children in South Sudan

South Sudan, 22 April 2014: UNICEF: Desperate water shortages facing children in Bentiu

South Sudan, 18 April 2014: Children killed in brutal fighting

South Sudan, 11 April 2014: Child malnutrition could double, warns UNICEF

Geneva, 28 March 2014: Racing against time for children in South Sudan: IKEA Foundation supports UNICEF

South Sudan, 28 March 2014: Urgent supplies reach remote areas with joint operation by UNICEF and WFP

New York, 25 March 2014: Time running out for children in South Sudan says UNICEF

South Sudan, 3 March 2014: Fresh attacks in South Sudan squeeze humanitarian efforts

South Sudan, 21 February 2014: UNICEF South Sudan urgently needs US$ 75 million for children affected by humanitarian crisis ahead of rainy season

South Sudan, 26 January 2014: Dire humanitarian crisis emerging in South Sudan, says UNICEF

South Sudan, 21 January 2014: UNICEF airlifts urgent supplies to humanitarian crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan, 20 January 2014: Media advisory: UNICEF airlift in response to humanitarian crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan, 17 January 2014: UNICEF: Child combatants reported in South Sudan conflict

South Sudan, 14 January 2014: Candidates sit for primary school graduation exams while sheltering at UN compounds in Juba

Juba, South Sudan, 24 December 2013: Children in grave danger amid increasing violence in South Sudan

New York/Juba, 22 December 2013: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on protection of children in South Sudan

Johannesburg/Windhoek/Luanda, 15 August 2013: Severe drought puts millions at risk in Angola and Namibia

Uganda, 1 August 2013: UNICEF’s innovative tracing tool helps to reunite more than 60 Congolese children with their families

DRC / Uganda / Geneva, 2 August 2013: Thousands of children escape violence in Eastern DRC, now seeking refuge in Uganda

Uganda, 18 July 2013: UNICEF scales up response to emergency in western Uganda

Somalia, 19 July 2013: Central Emergency Response Fund allocates Somalia $20 million to support vital humanitarian aid

Uganda, 8 May 2013: UNICEF responds to Kasese floods disaster

Uganda, 2 May 2013: Japanese Government Provides Over USD 21 Million in Emergency Response Funds to UN Agencies in Uganda

South Sudan, 10 April 2013: UNICEF supports capacity development for Disaster Management and Emergency Response

South Sudan, 11 September 2012: UNICEF supports capacity development of Government in emergency preparedness and response

Horn of Africa, 20 July 2012: Horn of Africa crisis one year on – famine reversed, countless lives saved, but situation of millions of women and children still grave

Somalia, 16 May 2012: Somalis need continuing support to withstand future shocks

UNICEF, 11 April 2012: Despite recent improvements, outlook for the Horn of Africa increasingly worrisome

Madagascar, 15 February 2012: UNICEF and partners gear up to assist victims of cyclone Giovanna

Somalia, 18 November 2011: FSNAU survey results show massive humanitarian response to famine has saved children’s lives

Horn of Africa, 4 November 2011: UNICEF opens humanitarian warehouse in Dubai for nutrition supplies for southern Somalia

Somalia, 4 November 2011: Emergency education survey completed; 13 per cent of Somali students receiving food assistance in schools

Horn of Africa, 28 October 2011: UNICEF and partners race to prevent second wave of death

Horn of Africa, 20 October 2011: UNICEF report – Crisis is far from over

Somalia, 14 October 2011: Massive push to protect populations from malaria in south-central regions

Horn of Africa, 26 September 2011: ‘Context, challenges and best practices’ – UNICEF and FAO announce expert briefing on crisis

Somalia, 14 September 2011: UNICEF starts food voucher and cash transfer programme for children and their families in need in southern Somalia

Horn of Africa, 7 September 2011: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N’Dour calls for “indivertible and undivided focus” on plight of children affected by crisis

Somalia, 22 August 2011: Water-borne diseases are lethal threat to children in southern Somalia

Horn of Africa, 16 August 2011: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo to lead a live Q&A on livestream on the crisis

Somalia, 9 August 2011: Education Cluster rapid assessment warns of massive school drop out

Kenya, 5 August 2011: UNICEF delivering for children of Dadaab as needs in host communities and camps grow

Horn of Africa, 29 July 2011: Vaccination campaigns for children underway

Italy, 26 July 2011: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director to the Rome meeting to address the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa, 26 July 2011: UNICEF plans massive scale up to respond to crises

Somalia, 20 July 2011: The UN declares famine in Somalia

Horn of Africa, 18 July 2011: Situation set to get worse for millions of children

Somalia, 15 July 2011: Emergency supplies airlifted to southern Somalia in response to worsening child malnutrition

Nairobi/New York/Geneva/London, 15 July 2011: As impact of drought worsens, UNICEF scales up humanitarian response

Horn of Africa, 30 June 2011: UNICEF concerned about impact of drought and food crisis on children

Somalia, 7 June 2011: UNICEF shocked at new reports of increase in child casualties

Kenya, 3 June 2011: Impact of the drought in the Horn of Africa

Namibia, 29 April 2011: UNICEF distributes emergency supplies for families affected by floods in northern Namibia

Somalia, 21 March 2011: Ongoing Somalia crisis is a children’s crisis says UNICEF

Eastern and Southern Africa, 7 March 2011: UNICEF launches USD$1.4 billion global appeal in response to the most extreme crises including in Eastern and Southern Africa

Somalia, 1 March 2011: UNICEF provides emergency relief to Somali children now facing drought in addition to conflict and displacement



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