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Mozambique, 1 December 2017: Five adolescent and young girls receive a special award on World AIDS Day

New York/Johannesburg, 1 December 2017: Global complacency threatens the lives of children and adolescents as world set to miss global AIDS target – UNICEF

Nairobi, 1 December 2017: Government of Sweden and four UN agencies announce new Joint Programme to boost efforts to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health and to end AIDS

Zimbabwe, 30 January 2017: United States provides US$4 million to alleviate impact of drought on people living with HIV

Mozambique, 9 December 2016: Italy supports HIV national programme

Namibia, 30 November 2016: UNICEF launches the 70th anniversary celebrations

1 December 2016: New HIV infections among adolescents projected to rise by nearly 60 per cent by 2030 if progress stalls – UNICEF

South Africa, 17 July 2016: UNICEF Executive Director visits Prince Mshiyeni Hospital in Durban

South Africa, 18 July 2016: No child born with HIV: An achievable goal

South Africa, 18 July 2016: HIV/AIDS continues to stalk children and adolescents – UNICEF

Swaziland, 8 June 2016: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham visits to focus attention on children at risk from regional drought crisis

Malawi, 14 March 2016: Testing unmanned aerial vehicle flights for HIV early infant diagnosis

Zimbabwe, 1 December 2015: Worlds AIDS Day: Call to continue bold steps towards AIDS free generation

27 November 2015: Adolescent deaths from AIDS tripled since 2000 – UNICEF

New York/Geneva, 5 June 2015: New formulation of HIV treatment to save more children’s lives -- UNICEF and UNAIDS

Nairobi, 17 February 2015: Leaders from around the world are All In to end the AIDS epidemic among adolescents

New York/Ethiopia, 28 November 2014: UNICEF: 1.1 million HIV infections in children averted since 2005

New York/Malawi, 1 December 2014: UNICEF: 1.1 million HIV infections in children averted since 2005

New York, 28 November 2014: UNICEF: 1.1 million HIV infections in children averted

Tanzania, 26 July 2014: Launch of the Shuga Radio Program in Southern Highlands

Rwanda/New York, 29 November 2013: More than 850,000 infants saved from HIV since 2005, but alarming trends seen among adolescents

Malawi/New York, 29 November 2013: Malawi makes strides in reducing infant HIV infections, but alarming trends seen among adolescents

New York, 25 September 2013: Joint Statement by WHO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNICEF and the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health MDGs and for Malaria on the Occasion of the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations

Geneva, 25 June 2013: New HIV infections among children have been reduced by 50 per cent or more in seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Zambia, 11 September 2012: UNICEF Zambia project Programme Mwana wins two design awards

Global, 3 July 2012: Award-winning youth drama Shuga: Love, sex, money to reach new audiences in radio format

Zimbabwe, 24-25 May 2012: High-Level Meeting of the GlobalPOWER Women Network Africa

Rwanda, 9 November 2011: UNICEF commends Rwanda for focusing on adolescents at 7th Annual Paediatric Conference on Children and HIV

Ethiopia, 5 December 2011: Investments for children must be at top of African HIV and AIDS agenda

South Africa, 1 June 2011: 2,500 young people newly infected with HIV every day, according to 'Opportunity in Crisis'

South Africa, 24 May 2011: Global launch of the Opportunity in Crisis Report “Preventing HIV from early adolescence to early adulthood” with UN partners and the World Bank

Rwanda, 12 May 2011: UNICEF and the UN in Rwanda applaud the new campaign to eliminate HIV transmission from mother to child

Kenya, 1 November 2010: UNICEF Executive Director launches innovative approach to the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission

Eastern and Southern Africa, 18 March 2011: UN agencies and partners agree on framework to eliminate transmission of HIV from mothers to their babies

USA, 30 November 2010: An AIDS-free generation is achievable by focusing on the most disadvantaged communities affected by HIV, says a new UN report marking World AIDS Day

USA, 17 November 2010: World AIDS Day: Global launch of the 2010 Stocktaking Report “Children and AIDS” with UN partners

Namibia, 23 October 2010: Regional parliamentarian commits to strengthen child-sensitive policies

Namibia, 20 October 2010: Parliament of Namibia, Inter Parliamentary Union and UNICEF host regional parliamentarian meeting to champion child-sensitive policies

Zambia, 13 October 2010: Champions unite to renew battle against HIV

Nairobi/Geneva/Washington DC, 28 September 2010: Developing countries can provide universal access to HIV/AIDS services, the latest report confirms



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