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Ethiopia, 18 July 2018: US$ 31.4 million investment in innovative next-generation solar refrigerators for vaccines

16 July 2018: Record number of children vaccinated in 2017

Uganda, 26 June 2018: Government launches new rotavirus vaccine to protect children from diarrhea

Kenya, 8 May 2018: Polio vaccination campaign launched to protect children against outbreak

Zimbabwe, 2 May 2018: 800,000 girls to be protected against disease following introduction of HPV vaccine

24 April 2018: Twelve things you didn't know about immunization

10 April 2018: Nearly one billion people in Africa to be protected against yellow fever by 2026

Somalia, 12 March 2018: Huge measles campaign in drought-hit Somalia aims to protect children and save lives

Somalia, 7 January 2018: One million children in Puntland and 4.2 million nationwide vaccinated against measles

26 April 2017: UNICEF reaches almost half of the world’s children with life-saving vaccines

Somalia, 25 April 2017: In a country hit by drought, children also face potentially deadly measles threat

Somalia, 15 March 2017: Cholera vaccination campaign begins

Zimbabwe, 8 March 2017: Today GAVI handed over twelve vehicles to support the Government in its Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI)

Mozambique, 10 March 2017: Italy supports UNICEF in humanitarian intervention after Dineo cyclone

Zimbabwe, 20 January 2017: Typhoid outbreak

Kenya, 22 December 2016: UNICEF transports vaccines and equipment to Garissa after fire at Ministry of Health Depot

Somalia, 16 December 2016: Mass measles vaccination campaign underway

10 November 2016: Measles jab saves over 20 million young lives in 15 years, but hundreds of children still die of the disease every day

Ethiopia, 24 October 2016: Joint Statement on World Polio Day

Geneva, 19 October 2016: Supply of children’s five-in-one vaccine secured at lowest-ever price

South Sudan, 2 July 2016: Children uprooted by recent violence receive measles vaccination

Uganda, 9 May 2016: 714,579 doses of yellow fever vaccine

22 April 2016: Two-thirds of unimmunized children live in conflict-affected countries – UNICEF

14 April 2016: Polio-free world in sight as largest vaccine rollout in history kicks off

Tanzania, 18 December 2015: UNICEF congratulates Tanzania on being polio free

Somalia, 16 November 2015: Protecting children with a new vaccine against deadly disease

Nairobi, 21 October 2015: Polio outbreak in Somalia officially over

Somalia, 11 August 2015: UN Humanitarian Coordinator commemorates one-year anniversary of last polio case

Rwanda, 23 May 2015: The Ministry of Health, UNICEF and partners to vaccinate 10,000 Burundian refugee children against potentially deadly polio and measles

Somalia, 19 February 2015: Polio free for six months but UN says vaccination campaigns must continue as risks remain

New York/Geneva, 13 November 2014: Spike in measles deaths among children troubling, UNICEF says

Kenya, 12 November 2014: Joint statement from WHO and UNICEF on the Tetanus Vaccine

Namibia, 11 November 2014: Launch of maternal and child health days

Addis Ababa/New York, 23 October 2014: Ten million childhood disabilities prevented in campaign to end polio – UNICEF

Tanzania, 18 October 2014: UNICEF, WHO and Gavi join forces to launch massive rubella-measles immunization drive

Somalia, 14 July 2014: Central Emergency Response Fund allocates $1.4 million to fight measles outbreak

Somalia, 22 July 2014: Polio transmission still not yet over in Somalia

Kenya, 31 July 2014: ECHO funds help contain polio outbreak in Horn of Africa

Somalia, 10 June 2014: Measles threatens thousands of Somali children

Congo, 23 April 2014: African Vaccination Week: highlighting the benefits of immunization

New York/Copenhagen, 28 February 2014: Joint GPEI-GAVI Statement on the Availability and Price of Inactivated Polio Vaccine

South Sudan, 26 January 2014: Dire humanitarian crisis emerging in South Sudan, says UNICEF

Nairobi, 22 November 2013: Polio outbreak in Horn of Africa: Tapering off six months on, but no place for complacency

Ethiopia, 7 November 2013: Millions of Ethiopian Children to be Protected Each Year Against Leading Cause of Severe Diarrhoea

South Sudan, 18 August 2013: Children in South Sudan are at a risk of contracting Polio

Tokyo, 5 August 2013: Japan steps up to help stop polio outbreak in Somalia

Somalia, 23 May 2013: Six years after its last reported case, polio outbreak confirmed in Somalia

New York, 15 May 2013: Landmark reached in fight against tetanus, as over half of 59 priority countries declare victory, partners say

Uganda, 27 April 2013: Uganda launches vaccine against pneumococcal disease

Somalia, 24 April 2013: Children in Somalia to receive new vaccination against deadly diseases

South Sudan, 23 April 2013: To mark World Immunization Week, South Sudan intensifies immunization activities throughout the nation

Tanzania, 4 December 2012: Reaching every child: GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum

Zambia, 12 September 2012: A Promise Renewed: Measles vaccination campaign underway

Angola, 10 August 2012: A year without polio: Angola celebrates victory with a vision to eradicate polio

Namibia, 4 June 2012: Country geared to vaccinate 900,000 children

Horn of Africa, 28 October 2011: UNICEF and partners race to prevent second wave of death

Burundi, 22 September 2011: Introduction of the new vaccine against pneumococcus

Horn of Africa, 29 July 2011: Vaccination campaigns for children underway

Kenya, 14 February 2011: Kenya marks the global roll out of pneumococcal vaccine against the world’s leading cause of child death

Angola, 25 January 2011: UNICEF, WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation applaud Angolan Government for renewed commitment to polio eradication, pledge support, and urge continued action

Africa, 26 October 2010: More than 72 million children to be immunized across 15 countries to tackle remaining risks

Angola, 4 August 2010: Country launches nation-wide polio immunization campaign

Zambia, 17 July 2010: Launch of the national Child Health Week and measles campaign

Horn of Africa, 30 July 2010: The region once again polio-free, UNICEF and polio partners announce

Eastern and Southern Africa, 18 June 2010: WHO and UNICEF concerned about measles outbreak in the region



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