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Somalia, 17 July 2018: EU tops up funding for UNICEF to help children affected by humanitarian crises

Zimbabwe, 9 April 2018: EU stands ready to accelerate support during transition process

Somalia, 7 January 2018: One million children in Puntland and 4.2 million nationwide vaccinated against measles

Rwanda, 29 November 2017: UNICEF and partners welcome the Ambassador of Japan to Mahama Refugee Camp

Nairobi, 1 December 2017: Government of Sweden and four UN agencies announce new Joint Programme to boost efforts to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health and to end AIDS

Somalia, 21 November 2017: China contributes US$2 million toward UNICEF’s humanitarian response

Zimbabwe, 10 November 2017: DFID funding for a resilient health system programme

30 June 2017: Beyoncé partners with UNICEF to bring safe water to children in remote areas of Burundi

Somalia, 23 October 2017: Global Partnership for Education grants US$5.6 million for quality education for children in Puntland State

South Sudan, 18 October 2017: 5,000 children reunited with family by Save the Children, UNICEF and partners

Ethiopia, 12 October 2017: Sweden signs an agreement with UNICEF to build an integrated safety net system

Malawi, 11 October 2017: UNICEF and UK Aid handover emergency water and sanitation supplies to Government

May 2017: Final Review Meeting and Partners Forum: ESAR Programme Monitoring and Response Initiative

Somalia, 2 June 2017: UNICEF’s drought response boosted with GBP £20 million from UK

Rwanda, 17 May 2017: Airtel and UNICEF provide children and youth a platform to present innovative ideas through ‘Pitch Night’

Ethiopia, 3 May 2017: New EU funding will provide essential nutrition treatment for 130,000 children under the age of five

Ethiopia, 6 April 2017: The Government of Japan gives US$ 2 million to UNICEF for drought affected populations in Somali Region

Uganda, 30 March 2017: Irish Government provides €7.2 million to improve education for 150,000 children in Karamoja

27 March 2017: UNICEF statement on killing of aid workers in South Sudan

Kenya, 20 March 2017: Government of Japan contributes US$500,000 to UNICEF’s drought response

Somalia, 15 March 2017: Cholera vaccination campaign begins

Rwanda, 15 March 2017: Airtel and UNICEF partner through ‘Pitch Night’

Zambia, 15 March 2017: MDGi hands over refurbished Butondo Urban health facility to Ministry of Health

Zimbabwe, 8 March 2017: Today GAVI handed over twelve vehicles to support the Government in its Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI)

Rwanda, 7 March 2017: Government of Japan provides USD 636,000 to UNICEF for continuous care of Burundian refugee children

Mozambique, 7 March 2017: Japan supports vulnerable families living in drought affected areas

Somalia, 20 February 2017: Japan donation to support UNICEF’s crucial protection work for vulnerable women and children

Somalia, 17 February 2017: World must act now to save lives, U.N. agencies warn

Zimbabwe, 30 January 2017: United States provides US$4 million to alleviate impact of drought on people living with HIV

Rwanda, 25 January 2017: Republic of Korea provides funds for protecting and improving the lives of children in Mahama Refugee Camp

Ethiopia, 11 January 2017: Government of Ethiopia and humanitarian partners release 2017 humanitarian response planning document

Somalia, 23 December 2016: US$2 million ECHO funds helped UNICEF reach hundreds of thousands with nutrition, WASH and child protection services

Somalia, 6 December 2016: Africa's Voices Foundation recognized for groundbreaking research work

Mozambique, 9 December 2016: Italy supports HIV national programme

Namibia, 7 December 2016: Graça Machel and UNICEF Regional Director in joint advocacy to support nutrition and child rights initiatives

Rwanda, 25 November 2016: UNICEF ventures into private sector partnership with SORWATHE on early childhood development interventions

South Africa, 24 October 2016: R1 million raised for UNICEF at The Westin Cape Town Charity Event

New York, 24 October 2016: UNICEF and H&M Foundation launch an interactive digital brain development tool for young children

Botswana, 24 June 2016: 50 Minutes for Children campaign launched

Ethiopia, 2 August 2016: UNICEF and religious institutions sign a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the lives of women and children

12 July 2016: Tanzania joins global leaders and youth advocates to launch new partnership and fund to end violence against children everywhere

Zimbabwe, 27 June 2016: Government of Sweden contributes 199 Million Swedish Kroner (24 Million USD) to the Health Development Fund

Ethiopia, 22 June 2016: Sweden responds to El Niño-driven drought

Kenya, 13 May 2016: UNICEF partners with University of Nairobi to innovate for children and young children

Tanzania, 27 April 2016: Government launches Fursa kwa Watoto to improve the quality of pre-primary education

Ethiopia, 26 April 2016: Germany announces 10 million euro support for drought response

14 April 2016: World Bank Group, UNICEF urge greater investment in early childhood development

Ethiopia, 13 April 2016: Ireland and UNICEF respond to drought emergency

Ethiopia, 29 March 2016: Humanitarian partners launch campaign to address funding gaps in drought response

Nairobi, 22 March 2016: UNICEF and Unilever unite to improve access to safe water in sub-Saharan Africa

Ethiopia, 15 March 2016: Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd, Ethiopian government, UNICEF lead talks on global access to water, sanitation and hygiene

Uganda, 9 March 2016: KOICA and UNICEF provide ambulances to save lives in Karamoja

Uganda, 5 February 2016: UN to build the resilience of communities in Karamoja: FAO, UNICEF and WFP launch joint resilience strategy to improve well-being of Karamojong

Ethiopia, 8 January 2016: UNFPA and UNICEF shake hands for enhanced collaboration

South Sudan, 15 December 2015: Children move from classrooms under the trees to new schools in UNICEF, USAID, Global Partnership for Education collaboration

Tanzania, 24 November 2015: TIGO teams up with UNICEF, champions innovations for children

Kenya, 26 October 2015: EU helps boost UNICEF’s humanitarian work

Kenya, 5 October 2015: Remote, but not forgotten: UNICEF & Educate A Child launch education campaign

Nairobi/Brussels, 17 September 2015: UNICEF and the EU work to end Somali child recruitment

Zimbabwe, 7 September 2015: The UK provides USD 37 million to improve education

South Sudan, 9 September 2015: UNICEF and WFP intensify efforts to defeat malnutrition

Kenya, 22 July 2015: UNICEF partners with World Vision to promote school health

Nairobi/Brussels, 6 August 2015: EU supports UNICEF’s lifesaving work in Somalia by €2.5 million

New York, 2 June 2015: Gucci-UNICEF partnership turns 10: Over 7.5 million children reap rewards

New York/Addis Ababa, 21 April 2015: Access to education for 1 million children improved through 10-year UNICEF and ING partnership

Uganda, 13 April 2015: ECHO provides additional 1 million Euros for UNICEF’s South Sudanese refugee emergency response

Rwanda, 2 April 2015: The Government of Japan provides US$1.3 million to UNICEF for improving the lives of refugee children

Mozambique, 26 March 2015: International Development Agency funds the promotion of rural small town water and sanitation

Tanzania, 24 February 2015: UN, Government and Push Mobile join hands to boost readiness on Ebola

Nairobi/Dakar, 17 February 2015: UNICEF and Airtel form Pan-Africa partnership to empower children and youth

Ethiopia, 15 January 2015: German Development Bank grants 5 million Euros to UNICEF for the South Sudanese refugee response

Rwanda, 18 November 2014: IKEA Foundation contributes US$31.5 million to UNICEF in five countries to help advance children’s rights; Rwanda receives US$5.5 million

South Sudan, 25 November 2014: USAID and UNICEF launch initiative to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and prevent gender-based violence

South Sudan, 14 October 2014: Launch of mass nutrition screening

Uganda, 8 October 2014: MARBURG: UNICEF and WHO support Government’s awareness and surveillance efforts

South Sudan, 30 September 2014: UNICEF and WFP: Missions reach more than 500,000

Malawi, 10 September 2014: UNICEF announces partnership for girls with Airtel Malawi and Netball Assocation of Malawi

Uganda, 27 August 2014: ECHO provides 1.9 million euro in emergency funds to UNICEF in response to South Sudanese refugee influx

Tanzania, 27 August 2014: Forum Proves Catalyst for Scaling up Action on Nutrition

South Sudan, 18 August 2014: UNICEF: Responding to dire emergency, the European Commission adds €5 million toward scale up for children

Somalia, 9 July 2014: EU support reduces child mortality

New York, 11 July 2014: UNICEF teams up with musician BANKS to empower girls through football

Somalia, 14 July 2014: Central Emergency Response Fund allocates $1.4 million to fight measles outbreak

Uganda, 18 July 2014: UNICEF and NTV launch campaign for children

Kenya, 31 July 2014: ECHO funds help contain polio outbreak in Horn of Africa

Uganda, 20 June 2014: Japan-funded water system provides clean water to 6,000 people in Kotido

Ethiopia, 4 June 2014: Royal Norwegian Embassy donates NOK 100 million (USD 17,421,026) to adolescent and youth development in Ethiopia

Regional, 29 May 2014: UNICEF, UNFPA stand behind Africa’s biggest anti child marriage push

Zambia, 15 May 2014: BongoHive and UNICEF forge alliance over Zambia’s first innovation lab

Uganda, 20 February 2014: Japan-funded projects benefit refugees and host communities in Kamwenge

Tanzania, 22 January 2014: UNICEF, EU, Save the Children and Plan International Join Forces with Tanzania to End Violence against Children

Nairobi, 18 November 2013: Joint Statement FAO, WFP and UNICEF on Resilience Collaboration

Ethiopia, 7 November 2013: Millions of Ethiopian Children to be Protected Each Year Against Leading Cause of Severe Diarrhoea

Uganda, 6 November 2013: World Bank and UNICEF partner to innovate for development in Uganda

Malawi, 9 October 2013: EU and UNICEF Malawi to achieve Millennium Development Goals in Malawi

Brussels, 27 August 2013: European Union top officials back #ENDviolence initiative

Zimbabwe, August 2013: Partners conduct Child Friendly National Budgeting Initiative with Junior Parliamentarians in Bulawayo

Rwanda, 7 August 2013: KOICA provides UNICEF $4.5 million for innovative technologies to save lives of new born children and mothers in Rwanda

Tokyo, 5 August 2013: Japan steps up to help stop polio outbreak in Somalia

New York, 25 July 2013: The IKEA Foundation helps UNICEF bring the gift of play to children affected by emergencies around the world

Somalia, 8 July 2013: The European Commission gives 4.5 million Euros to reduce Somali child deaths from malnutrition

South Sudan, 4 July 2013: Government of Japan continues to support vulnerable children in South Sudan

Zambia, 26 June 2013: ING employees worldwide run for the children of Zambia

South Sudan, 24 June 2013: South Sudan joins 40 countries to introduce a new movement to tackle malnutrition

New York, 17 June 2013: UNICEF, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Peter Krämer Foundation kick off appeal to expand Schools for Africa Initiative

Ethiopia, 10 June 2013: Japan donates US$11 million for children in Ethiopia

London, 8 June 2013: London conference delivers new hope for children in the battle against stunting and other forms of undernutrition – UNICEF

Malawi, 30 May 2013: The United Kingdom supports a cleaner, healthier environment for a million people in Malawi

New York, 31 May 2013: Statement by child-focused agencies on the post-2015 High-Level Panel report

Somalia, 23 May 2013: Major new funding for teachers’ salaries in Puntland and Somaliland

New York, 15 May 2013: Landmark reached in fight against tetanus, as over half of 59 priority countries declare victory, partners say

Uganda, 2 May 2013: Japanese Government Provides Over USD 21 Million in Emergency Response Funds to UN Agencies in Uganda

Namibia, 25 April 2013: Government of Japan unveils a US$1.5 million grant to improve health and nutrition for Namibia's women and children

Angola, 8 March 2013: EU helps fight malnutrition

Eritrea, 19 February 2013: UK donates USD$15 million to UNICEF’s WASH, health and nutrition programmes

Ethiopia, 20 December 2012: Ministry of Health, U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative and UNICEF join forces to combat malaria

Tanzania, 4 December 2012: Reaching every child: GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum

Belgium, 15 November 2012: Nobel Peace prize money to be given to projects that support children affected by war and conflicts

Ethiopia, 30 October 2012: Partners join forces against acute malnutrition and stunting

New York / Brussels, 11 September 2012: UNICEF and EU put children first in emergencies

Zambia, 30 July 2012: UNICEF honours HRH Chief Macha for Community-Led Total Sanitation

Zimbabwe, 20 April 2012: Zimbabwe announces a US$4.8 million grant for child health and child protection from the Government of Japan

Ethiopia, 18 April 2012: EU donates €3 million to UNICEF for nutrition security

Zimbabwe, 27 March 2012: United Kingdom invests US $38 million to improve education for Zimbabwe’s children

Zimbabwe, 22 February 2012: Boost for water and sanitation sector as UNICEF receives US$ 6.7million from AusAID

Zimbabwe, 17 February 2012: UK – UNICEF partnership on support to Zimbabwe’s health sector set to expand with £74 million pounds contribution

Madagascar, 15 February 2012: UNICEF and partners gear up to assist victims of cyclone Giovanna

Zambia, 27 January 2012: UNICEF Signs Agreement with Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society

Zambia, 16 January 2012: Netherlands provides US$10 million for UNICEF education programme

Brussels, 10 October 2011: UNICEF and the European Union announce new support to help improve nutrition for millions in Africa

Zimbabwe, 16 June 2011: UNICEF and partners commemorate the Day of the African Child

South Africa, 1 June 2011: 2,500 young people newly infected with HIV every day, according to 'Opportunity in Crisis'

South Africa, 24 May 2011: Global launch of the Opportunity in Crisis Report “Preventing HIV from early adolescence to early adulthood” with UN partners and the World Bank

Angola, 25 January 2011: UNICEF, WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation applaud Angolan Government for renewed commitment to polio eradication, pledge support, and urge continued action

Southern and Eastern Africa, 18 January 2011: WFP and UNICEF to scale up nutrition to fight child stunting in the region

USA, 12 November 2010: UNICEF partners with Frog Design for major mHealth initiative

Rwanda, 19 October 2010: Joint review of the Education Sector in Rwanda focuses on quality education for all

Zambia, 13 October 2010: Champions unite to renew battle against HIV

Ethiopia, 24 September 2010: Great Ethiopian Run launches 'I’m Running for a Child' campaign

Lesotho, 8 September 2010: Don’t forget the children – A renewed call to enact the Children’s Protection and Welfare Bill

Somalia, 1 September 2010: EU-funded education support programme launched

Zambia, 11 June 2010: Launch of campaign on accelerated reduction of maternal mortality



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