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Water, sanitation and hygiene

Malawi, 26 June 2018: Nine out of ten U-Reporters know how to prevent cholera, but two thirds lack access to safe water

Uganda, 6 June 2018: Refugee hosting districts still lack basic services like water, sanitation and shelter

30 June 2017: Beyoncé partners with UNICEF to bring safe water to children in remote areas of Burundi

Malawi, 11 October 2017: UNICEF and UK Aid handover emergency water and sanitation supplies to Government

Somalia, 18 September 2017: UNICEF and the Puntland authorities launch pipeline extension to bring water to thousands

Ethiopia, 6 April 2017: The Government of Japan gives US$ 2 million to UNICEF for drought affected populations in Somali Region

Malawi, 3 April 2017: UNICEF supports Malawi Government to stop spread of cholera on Mozambique border

29 March 2017: 27 million people lack safe water in countries facing or at risk of famine

Rwanda, 22 March 2017: Launch of national water supply and sanitation policies and strategies on the occasion of World Water Day

28 March 2017: Time is running out for children as famine, drought and war threaten millions

Kenya, 20 March 2017: Government of Japan contributes US$500,000 to UNICEF’s drought response

22 March 2017: Nearly 600 million children will live in areas with extremely limited water resources by 2040 – UNICEF

Kenya, 2 March 2017: More than 1 million children affected by drought – UNICEF

Somalia, 17 February 2017: World must act now to save lives, U.N. agencies warn

Rwanda, 27 January 2017: Cabinet approves new national drinking water and sanitation policies and strategies

Somalia, 23 December 2016: US$2 million ECHO funds helped UNICEF reach hundreds of thousands with nutrition, WASH and child protection services

Somalia, 19 November 2016: On World Toilet Day, 14 villages are recognized for abandoning open defecation

South Sudan, 14 October 2016: Global Handwashing Day: Handwashing with soap keeps cholera away from you and your family

New York, 14 October 2016: Over 300,000 children under five died from diarrhoeal diseases linked to limited access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene in 2015 – UNICEF

New York, 29 August 2016: UNICEF: Collecting water is often a colossal waste of time for women and girls

South Sudan, 20 July 2016: Sharp rise in suspected cholera cases

Ethiopia, 22 June 2016: Sweden responds to El Niño-driven drought

Ethiopia, 23 May 2016: Best practices in drought response showcased at WHS side event

Ethiopia, 26 April 2016: Germany announces 10 million euro support for drought response

Ethiopia, 13 April 2016: Ireland and UNICEF respond to drought emergency

Mozambique, 22 March 2016: Improved water supply in Jangamo to provide communities with clean water and sanitation

21 March 2016: Climate change and poor sanitation threaten water safety for millions: UNICEF

Nairobi, 22 March 2016: UNICEF and Unilever unite to improve access to safe water in sub-Saharan Africa

Ethiopia, 15 March 2016: Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd, Ethiopian government, UNICEF lead talks on global access to water, sanitation and hygiene

Tanzania, 8 December 2015: UNICEF, Government and Push Mobile Use Technology to Contain Cholera

19 November 2015: UNICEF: Without toilets, childhood is even riskier due to malnutrition

Dar es Salaam/New York, 19 November 2015: UNICEF: Without toilets, childhood is even riskier due to malnutrition

South Sudan, 15 October 2015: Global Handwashing Day: Raise Clean Hands and Push Cholera out

New York, 15 October 2015: Lack of access to hygiene could endanger new Development Agenda – UNICEF

New York/Geneva, 30 June 2015: UNICEF, WHO: Lack of sanitation for 2.4 billion people undermining health improvements

South Sudan, 23 June 2015: Children at risk from cholera outbreak

21 May 2015: Cholera outbreak triggers UNICEF relief operation at Burundi-Tanzania border

Uganda, 7 May 2015: Students create innovative water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to local problems in Acholi sub-region

20 March 2015: Nearly 750 million people still without adequate drinking water – UNICEF

New York/Ethiopia, 19 November 2014: Lack of toilets dangerous for everyone, UNICEF says

South Sudan, 25 November 2014: USAID and UNICEF launch initiative to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and prevent gender-based violence

New York, 19 November 2014: Lack of toilets dangerous for everyone, UNICEF says

Uganda, 15 October 2014: Global Handwashing Day: Only 3 out of every 10 Ugandans wash Hands with soap after the toilet

South Sudan, 15 October 2014: Handwashing with soap: Saving the lives of children in South Sudan and the world

Angola, 6 August 2014: Focus on sanitation enhancement to reduce child mortality

Uganda, 20 June 2014: Japan-funded water system provides clean water to 6,000 people in Kotido

Ethiopia/New York, 21 March 2014: World Water Day: World’s poorest have least access to safe water: UNICEF

South Sudan, 22 April 2014: UNICEF: Desperate water shortages facing children in Bentiu

Somalia, 28 March 2014: Agreement signed to improve water service delivery to towns in Somaliland

New York, 21 March 2014: World Water Day - World’s poorest have least access to safe water: UNICEF

Rwanda, 4 February 2014: Rwanda hosts the Annual Review Meeting for WASH programs in Eastern & Southern Africa region

Ethiopia, 19 November 2013: Grass-roots movements key to ending world’s toilet problem

Malawi, 9 October 2013: EU and UNICEF Malawi to achieve Millennium Development Goals in Malawi

Tanzania, 21 October 2013: UNICEF on Global Handwashing Day: A simple solution with far-reaching benefits – the power is in our hands

Somalia, 14 October 2013: On Global Handwashing Day, UNICEF focuses on creating awareness about the link between hand washing and Polio prevention in Somalia

Malawi, 30 May 2013: The United Kingdom supports a cleaner, healthier environment for a million people in Malawi

Geneva/New York, 13 May 2013: 2.4 billion people will lack improved sanitation in 2015

Ethiopia, 22 March 2013: Clean water, sanitation and a hygienic environment, crucial for children

Global, 20 November 2012: On World Toilet Day, ending open defecation is possible, says UNICEF

Zambia, 30 July 2012: UNICEF honours HRH Chief Macha for Community-Led Total Sanitation

By subject

Ethiopia, 23 March 2012: On World Water Day, poor rural people missing out on safe water and basic sanitation

Zimbabwe, 22 February 2012: Boost for water and sanitation sector as UNICEF receives US$ 6.7million from AusAID

Zambia, 3 November 2011: HRH Chief Macha decorated by President for work on sanitation

Somalia, 22 August 2011: Water-borne diseases are lethal threat to children in southern Somalia

New York, 21 June 2011: UN Secretary-General launches the "Sustainable Sanitation: Five-Year Drive to 2015"

Zambia, 1 June 2011: UNICEF Zambia donates 40 motorcycles to Ministry of Health

Eastern and Southern Africa, 15 October 2010: Global Handwashing Day partners lather up with millions around the world

Zimbabwe, 4 October 2010: Water and sanitation sector to receive a boost



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