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Child survival

16 July 2018: Record number of children vaccinated in 2017

25 April 2018: Ten things you didn't know about malaria

11 April 2018: WHO and UNICEF issue new guidance to promote breastfeeding in health facilities globally

Malawi, 20 February 2018: Making positive strides in saving newborn lives, but more needs to be done

20 February 2018: World is failing newborn babies, says UNICEF

Somalia, 7 January 2018: One million children in Puntland and 4.2 million nationwide vaccinated against measles

Zimbabwe, 5 January 2018: Ministry of Health releases US$7.6m to the Health Development Fund for the purchase of essential medicines and health equipment

1 January 2018: 48,000 babies to be born on New Year’s Day in Eastern and Southern Africa

13 December 2017: World Bank and WHO: Half the world lacks access to essential health services, 100 million still pushed into extreme poverty because of health expenses

Zimbabwe, 10 November 2017: DFID funding for a resilient health system programme

Somalia, 5 June 2017: Timely funding from Sweden helps tackle high rates of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera among children

Malawi, 3 April 2017: UNICEF supports Malawi Government to stop spread of cholera on Mozambique border

Somalia, 30 March 2017: As famine looms, malnutrition and disease rise sharply among children

Zimbabwe, 27 January 2017: Government launches the National Health Strategy 2016-2020

Namibia, 30 November 2016: UNICEF launches the 70th anniversary celebrations

10 November 2016: Measles jab saves over 20 million young lives in 15 years, but hundreds of children still die of the disease every day

New York, 31 October 2016: Pollution: 300 million children breathing toxic air – UNICEF report

South Sudan, 26 October 2016: 145 children released armed groups – UNICEF

New York, 3 October 2016: Nearly 385 million children living in extreme poverty, says joint World Bank Group – UNICEF study

Zimbabwe, 22 September 2016: Sharp rise in children needing assistance as El Niño bites

Malawi, 17 August 2016: Children multi-dimensionally deprived – need for proper targeting to achieve equity

Tanzania, 11 August 2016: Three out of four children are affected by poverty

28 June 2016: Poverty, illiteracy and early deaths await world’s most disadvantaged children: UNICEF

Zimbabwe, 27 June 2016: Government of Sweden contributes 199 Million Swedish Kroner (24 Million USD) to the Health Development Fund

Zambia, 17 May 2016: MDGi hands over refurbished Copperbelt health facilities to Ministry of Health

Kenya, 26 April 2016: Save the Children and UNICEF launch the Every Last Child Campaign

Uganda, 9 March 2016: KOICA and UNICEF provide ambulances to save lives in Karamoja

Somalia, December 2015: UNICEF calls for more action following accidental killing of two children by leftover explosive device

Tanzania, 15 October 2015: UNICEF hands over ambulances in Mbeya, keeping the promise to reduce maternal, newborn and child deaths

Zimbabwe, 8 October 2015: Government launches Health Development Fund to improve access to quality health for women, children and adolescents

New York/Geneva/Washington, 9 September 2015: Child mortality rates plunge by more than half since 1990 but global MDG target missed by wide margin

New York, 9 September 2015: Nearly 50 million lives saved since 2000; millions more can be saved by 2030: UNICEF report

South Sudan, 23 June 2015: Children at risk from cholera outbreak

New York, 23 June 2015: Millions of world’s poorest children left behind despite global progress, new UNICEF report says

21 May 2015: Cholera outbreak triggers UNICEF relief operation at Burundi-Tanzania border

Uganda, 25 April 2015: World/Africa Malaria Day: 42 Ugandan children still die from malaria daily

Malawi, 27 February 2015: Cholera outbreak raises concerns of a large-scale spread: UNICEF

Ethiopia, 24 November 2014: Thousands more mothers, babies can be saved

Ethiopia, 12 November 2014: Pneumonia is a leading single disease killing under-five children

Tanzania, 17 November 2014: World Prematurity Day: Low-cost interventions effective to prevent deaths related to prematurity in Tanzania, say UNICEF and partners

New York/Geneva, 13 November 2014: Spike in measles deaths among children troubling, UNICEF says

New York, 12 November 2014: Steep drop in pneumonia deaths in last decade, but much further to go – UNICEF

London, 12 November 2014: Pneumonia prevention and care available for every child is key to defeat world’s #1 infectious killer of children

Namibia, 11 November 2014: Launch of maternal and child health days

South Sudan, 15 October 2014: Handwashing with soap: Saving the lives of children in South Sudan and the world

Uganda, 8 October 2014: MARBURG: UNICEF and WHO support Government’s awareness and surveillance efforts

Geneva/Monrovia, 12 September 2014: Ebola crisis in Liberia hits child health and well-being

New York, 16 September 2014: Despite dramatic progress on child survival, 1 million children die during their first day of life from mostly preventable causes

New York, 16 September 2014: New data show child mortality rates falling faster than ever

Namibia, 1 September 2014: “A Promise Renewed” for child survival and improved nutrition kick-off

Somalia, 19 August 2014: Government and partners renew commitment to end preventable deaths of mothers and children

Somalia, 9 July 2014: EU support reduces child mortality

Ethiopia/Canada, 29 May 2014: Preventing newborn deaths must be a global priority: UNICEF

Ethiopia/New York, 22 May 2014: Almost 3 million new-borns could be saved each year – UNICEF

Tanzania, 15 May 2014: Government launches national drive to end preventable child and maternal deaths

Somalia, 6 May 2014: Essential package of health services launched in Somalia to improve maternal and child health

New York, 21 March 2014: World Water Day - World’s poorest have least access to safe water: UNICEF

Uganda, 26 November 2013: Government of Uganda launches national drive to end preventable child and maternal deaths

New York, 25 September 2013: Joint Statement by WHO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNICEF and the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health MDGs and for Malaria on the Occasion of the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations

Ethiopia, 13 September 2013: Ethiopia Reduces Mortality Among Children Under Five By Two-Thirds Since 1990

Malawi, 13 September 2013: Malawi records tremendous gains in reducing under five deaths

New York, 13 September 2013: UN: Global child deaths down by almost half since 1990

New York, 13 September 2013: Some 35 million more children under five at risk if child mortality goal not met

New York, 11 September 2013: UNICEF, WHO expert briefing on release of global under-five child mortality numbers

Zimbabwe, August 2013: UNICEF launches a television and radio programme to discuss health matters

South Sudan, 1 August 2013: Breastfeeding is the cheapest and most effective life-saver in history – UNICEF

Uganda, 1 August 2013: Breastfeeding: A healthy start for every child’s life

South Africa, 1 August 2013: Breastfeeding is most effective life-saver, UNICEF

New York, 1 August 2013: Breastfeeding is the cheapest and most effective life-saver in history – UNICEF

Kuala Lumpur, 27 May 2013: Remarkable Progress in Reducing Child Mortality and Improving Maternal Health

Global, 13 November 2012: Pneumonia still number one killer

Rwanda, 14 September 2012: UNICEF and WHO congratulate Rwanda on decline in child mortality

South Africa, 12 October 2012: UNICEF applauds new integrated school health programme

Madagascar, 13 September 2012: Madagascar pledges to make child survival a priority

New York / Geneva, 13 September 2012: Accelerating progress on child survival since 2000, UN says

USA, 5 August 2012: Make breastfeeding easier for mothers, says UNICEF

Angola, 16 June 2012: Despite the difficulties, children have been saved from malnutrition

Global, 14 June 2012: World unites to accelerate progress in ending preventable child deaths

Global, 13 June 2012: Maternal, newborn and child survival: A promise renewed

Zimbabwe, 17 February 2012: UK – UNICEF partnership on support to Zimbabwe’s health sector set to expand with £74 million pounds contribution

Burundi, 12 December 2011: Government and its partners mobilize for food security and nutrition to ensure child survival and development

Somalia, 16 September 2011: The most difficult place to grow up – Somalia has the world’s highest child mortality rate

Uganda, 15 July 2011: Uganda announces elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus

South Sudan, 8 July 2011: On the eve of independence, the Government and UNICEF inaugurate a new ward at the country’s only children’s hospital

Mozambique, 24 November 2010: Country eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus

Zimbabwe, 8 October 2010: Country needs massive investment in health to save lives

New York, 17 September 2010: Child mortality rate drops by a third since 1990

Zambia, 17 July 2010: Launch of the national Child Health Week and measles campaign



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