Delivering immunization services to outreach posts in Zoba Anseba, Eritrea

Twelve different kinds of vaccines administered to children

Marisol Quintero
A  boy waiting to be immunized stands smiling by a tree, at the Elabered Health Centre in Anseba Region.
29 July 2022

Vaccines are the most efficient shields from various kinds of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases. In Eritrea, a nation in the Horn of Africa with a population of an estimated 3.5 million, vaccines are seen as lifesavers by all the nine ethnolinguistic groups that live across the spectrum of the country. Today 12 different kinds of vaccines are administered to children from 295 fixed sites and 450 outreach vaccination posts.

UNICEF Eritrea

Hawa Abdellah, a mother of three, lives in Hinab village, located 175 km from Keren, the second most populous city in the country. To reach the nearest health station Hawa needs 2 days. Hopefully, the Mobile Clinic goes to her community every month and she can vaccinate her children against polio and other preventable diseases.

UNICEF Eritrea