Studies on the right to education for children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are disproportionately out of school and impacted by poor quality education

UNICEF/UN0158329/Jean/Handicap International

Every child has the right to an education

To understand the situation and chart a way forward, UNICEF, Education Development Trust (EDT) and partners from Comoros, Madagascar and Rwanda have developed a series of studies looking at the policy environment and quality of education provision that includes children with disabilities.

It is our hope that these studies can assist policymakers, child protection and education specialists practitioners to assess the situation in their own country and improve the quality of education for children with disabilities in the region.

Below find downloads to the four studies. For more information, read:
Summary of research by the authors 
Developing an inclusive approach in Rwanda 
Jacqui Mattingly’s time in Comoros, Madagascar and Rwanda