Social protection and HIV policy briefs

Research implications for policy


These briefs can help guide policy dialogues at country and regional level.

UNICEF, in collaboration with Oxford University, produced six peer reviewed articles on social protection and HIV and six subsequent briefs on research implications for policy.

These documents come from ongoing programming and longitudinal research Oxford is conducting in South Africa. This work comes from a partnership with the research team involving UNICEF colleagues in the South Africa country office, the Eastern and Southern Africa regional office (ESARO) and the headquarters HIV section.

While the context was South African specific, the programming and results are relevant to other countries in our region. 

1. How can social protection reduce adolescent HIV-risk?

2. Combination social protection improves adolescent ART-adherence

3. Combination social protection reduces HIV-risk in adolescents

4. Social protection: potential for improving HIV outcomes among adolescents

5. Social protection and the Sustainable Development Goals

6. Combination social protection lowers unprotected sex in HIV-positive adolescents

Resources from 2016