Child Poverty in Kenya

A multidimensional approach


This study provides estimates of child poverty in Kenya in 2014 using a multidimensional approach, fulfilment of children’s basic needs and rights. It identifies the most vulnerable children, where the most deprived children live, the relationship between different types of deprivation that children experience, factors associated with child deprivation and poverty, and compares children’s multidimensional deprivation with monetary poverty.

The report also compares the situation of children in realizing their rights in 2014 with 2008-09 to shed light into the progress achieved in child poverty reduction. The methodology used in the study allows the generation of evidence to track  progress in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1.2 on poverty reduction in all its dimensions for children, and SDG 10 on inequality reduction (UN, 2015).

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Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF
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