Child Poverty and Disparities in Swaziland

Key findings


In Swaziland, six years after the adoption of A World Fit for Children, little is known about the level and extent of child poverty and disparities that exist in the country. This information is critical in evaluating national progress towards attaining the goals of the A World Fit for Children declaration, as well as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for 2015.

A child poverty analysis will provide vital information about the situation of children in a country being stricken by the most severe HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world. There are also signs that rising food insecurity may be adversely affecting the well-being of children in the country.

It is against this backdrop that UNICEF conducted a national study on child poverty and disparities among children in Swaziland. The study is the first of its kind for the country and serves to fill in knowledge gaps on patterns of poverty among children and bring to light the current situation of children in Swaziland.

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