C4D Works!: Spot it! Stop it!

Changing attitudes and behaviours related to violence against children in Kenya


Despite an overall decrease in levels of violence against children in Kenya over the past ten years, prevalence rates remain worryingly high across the country. A violence against children (VAC) survey carried out in 2019 found that nearly half of the 18-24 years old females (45.9 per cent) and more than half of males (56.1 per cent) have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional violence during their childhood. The VAC survey noted that levels of acceptance and normalization of violence in Kenya are high.

In response to the significant experience and threat of violence faced by children in Kenya, UNICEF and the Department of Children’s Services (under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection) developed the Spot it! Stop it! Campaign, a social and behaviour change communication intervention that supports Kenya’s costed VAC National Prevention and Response Plan in Kenya 2019-2023.

The campaign seeks to address the normalization of violence by creating a grassroots movement that encourages everyone to take responsibility for children’s wellbeing and champion their right to be protected from violence.

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