UNICEF Eritrea/2015/Araya

North Red Sea Community commits to combatting malnutrition
When 17 month old Mohamed Hussein’s face and body swelled up, his mother Saedia Adam did not know what was wrong with him. A neighbor saw the boy’s critical condition and told Saedia to take him to the nearest health clinic, where the nurses diagnosed him with severe acute malnutrition. Little Mohamed’s chances of survival were slim as in this particular part of the country mothers have to walk over 2 to 4 hours to the nearest health facility.

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UNICEF Eritrea/2014/Pirozzi

UNICEF has been present in Eritrea prior to the country’s independence. UNICEF’s current partnership with the Government through the 2013-2016 Country Programme focuses on equity and gender equality, targeting the hard-to-reach and most vulnerable children and women throughout the country.

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