UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham has many tattoos. Each one represents a happy or important memory for him. But around the world, millions of children bear marks they have not chosen: the physical and psychological scars of violence. Violence against children marks them forever. Together, we must end it.

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For every child, #ENDviolence

The slap of an upset parent, the sexual advance by a neighbour or relative, bullying from other classmates at school. Children are victims of violence every day, everywhere.

Every five minutes a child dies as a result of violence. Millions more children live in fear of physical, emotional and sexual violence.

All children have the potential to be happy, healthy and successful. But witnessing or experiencing violence erodes that potential and affects a child’s health, wellbeing and future. The effects can stay with them for life.

Ending violence against children is everybody’s business.

Using UNICEF’s global messaging tool U-Report, David Beckham asked young people about their experiences with violence. More than 190,000 people from 22 countries responded:

“If we can’t unite around preventing violence against children, what in the world can we unite around?”

Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF

For every child, hope

Too many people turn a blind eye to violence against children. And too many children who experience violence don’t have the confidence and the means to speak out, to tell a trusted adult, to find a safe space.

Everybody can play a role in ensuring children have a healthy, safe and secure environment that protects them from violence and exploitation. Violence against children is widespread but it can be prevented.

Silence is not an option. If you see violence against a child and do nothing, you are telling that child that what is happening to her or him is okay. It’s not okay – the time to speak up is now.

Ending violence against children is everybody’s business.




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