Announcing the winner of the School Superhero Comic Contest

We’ve determined the world’s favourite school-saving superhero!

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After searching far and wide, we have chosen the ultimate school-saving superhero to defeat The Silence and end violence in schools.


The winner is....


Cipta, the school super hero
Cipta, the school super hero

Rajwa, also known as Cipta, is a 15-year-old who can turn her drawings into real-life objects and control them to stop school violence. She gives her sketchbook to children who are afraid to speak up. In it, they can draw or write the object they want her to create and control. She draws and then spreads ‘sketch-birds’ across the community for children to write down their problems and send a message to her and whoever they would like.


The amazing creator…


Rizka, winner of school super hero contest.
Rizka, winner of school super hero contest.

Rizka is 17-year-old a high schooler from South Sulawesi, Indonesia who loves coffee and bicycling. “I’m a shy person but please do not hesitate to approach me,” she says. As she was inspired to keep drawing by someone, she hopes her drawing can inspire someone else too. “I planned to create Cipta with a concept of fighting the silence with silence.”

Rizka will work with a professional team to publish her own comic book and receive a mentoring session with comic artist Gabriel Picolo!

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Thank you to everyone for participating in the School Superhero Comic Contest to help us stop The Silence. Together, we can end violence in schools.


It’s that feeling you get… It’s hard to put your finger on it.

You are watching someone being shoved down the hallway, but your legs are heavy and you can’t move. Despite being harassed on your way to school, your throat tightens and you can’t speak.

What is this dark force? It is The Silence.

Since the dawn of human civilization, The Silence has stopped billions from taking action against the injustices of violence. Its evil doings have threatened the lives of children and teens, allowing violence in and around schools, from classrooms to dark alleyways, to thrive worldwide.

For centuries young superheroes from far and wide have overcome the dark powers of The Silence, taking action and speaking up against violence in their schools.

But to defeat The Silence, and to keep children and teens safe in school, we need more superheroes and we need them now.

We’ve called on you to join forces with our campaign to #EndViolence and create a superhero to keep schools safe.

Thousands of young people from around the world have answered our call.

You’ve voted on your favourites, helping us determine the winning School Superhero...CIPTA!

Stay tuned to see her brought to life in a comic book.

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Submit your superhero concept for the chance to publish your own comic book by 4 November.

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We will announce selected finalists and open the global voting gallery from 23-30 November.

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The winner will be announced in January and their comic will be launched worldwide in July 2019.

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