Enter the School Superhero Comic Contest

Applications have closed. Vote for the ultimate superhero from 23-30 November

If you're 25 or under, submit the superhero of your imagination! The top superheroes who can take action against violence in and around schools, will be selected for a global vote. If you win, you will have the exciting opportunity to bring your superhero to life by working with a comic artist to publish your very own comic which will be shown worldwide!

It's okay if you don't think you have strong writing or artistic abilities. What's most important is that you have a UNIQUE, EXCITING and INTERESTING superhero that can save us from the inaction that keeps violence in our schools. 

So, make sure you have read our Terms and Conditions and apply before it's too late.

All submissions will be due on 4 November 2018 at 23:59 (EST).

If you are selected as a finalist, we will reach out to you in November 2018. 

To check out the selected finalists and take part in our global vote visit our website on 23-30 November.

For any questions, please contact engage@unicef.org

Before we start

Remember, if you feel unsafe, upset, or worried about yourself or a friend during or after you work on your submission, speak to someone you trust – this could be a parent, teacher, close friend, older sibling, or call a child helpline. You are not alone - do not keep your fears, concerns or questions to yourself. We know it can be difficult to tell another person about what is happening, but you have a right to be safe. If it's difficult to talk about, try writing your experiences down and giving it to someone you trust to read or by sending/ posting/ dropping it anonymously somewhere a responsible/ trusted adult can see.

You can withdraw your entry to the School Superhero Comic Contest by sending a written notice to engage@unicef.org.

If you are having difficulty submitting your entry using the form below, you can send it directly to engage@unicef.org. Only entries that address all fields below will be considered by email and the subject line must say ’Entry: Comic Contest'.