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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis


Thailand: Tsunami two year update
Videos and stories highlighting UNICEF's continuing effort to help rebuild children’s lives in Thailand.

Young Thai girl finds inspiration through photojournalism project
PHANG NGA, Thailand, December 2006 – Hot and dry wind blows up gritty dust as a team of UNICEF staff approaches a roadside shack in rural Thailand. The dilapidated mixture of peeling wood, grey concrete and corrugated iron has been home to 13-year-old Mod and her 10-year-old brother since their father was killed in a recent motorcycle accident.

Photo project in Thailand helps tsunami-affected children tell their stories
PHANG NGA, Thailand, December 2006 – Some of the most marginalized children in Thailand’s tsunami-afflicted Phang Nga Province are getting a chance to express themselves through ‘InSIGHT Out!’ – a UNICEF-supported photo project.

Thailand: Young girl finds meaning amid devastation caused by the tsunami
PHANG-NGA, Thailand, December 2005 - “My name is Atitaya Jongkrailak. I am 11 years old and I study at Ban Bang Muang school. The day of the tsunami I went early with my father to the market. When we were coming home he got a call saying don’t come back because a giant wave has destroyed everything.

Thailand: UNICEF provides clean drinking water to schools
PHANG-NGA, Thailand, December 2005 – Like her schoolmates, 11-year-old Aye tries to ignore the scorching midday sun and joins in the many activities that are part of Ban Bang Muang school’s first ‘sports day’ in several years.

Thailand: Child care centres are a boon for both economic recovery and child development
SRIBOYA ISLAND, Thailand, December 2005 – Three-year-old Mutita was fortunate: She escaped injury in last year’s tsunami, clinging tightly to her father’s neck as they fled the surging waters. The rest of her family also survived. But the tsunami did more than just kill or injure people – it also inflicted tremendous economic damage. Now Mutita’s family is struggling with its effects.

Long term commitment: UNICEF Representative in Thailand Inese Zalitis discusses UNICEF’s post-tsunami strategy
BANGKOK, Thailand, December 2005 – “The impact was huge in Thailand. Six provinces were hit – and it was both infrastructure damage and houses and communities and boats. The toll and impact on human lives was very high..." said UNICEF Representative in Thailand Inese Zalitis.




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