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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis


Maldives: Tsunami two year update
Videos and stories highlighting UNICEF's continuing effort to help rebuild children’s lives in Maldives.

The Internet connects classrooms across the post-tsunami Maldives
NILANDHOO ISLAND, Maldives, December 2006 – Online education is revolutionizing learning in the Maldives as UNICEF strives to ‘build back better’ after the tsunami.

Treating water sources in Maldivian islands hard-hit by the tsunami
MEEDOO, Maldives, December 2006 – Govindarajan Saravanan, a United Nations Office for Project Services engineer working on a UNICEF contract, moves from house to house on the small island of Meedoo checking for groundwater contamination.

Peer treatment centre combats drug abuse in tsunami-affected Maldives communities
MALÉ, Maldives, 22 November 2006 – Hasan was handcuffed to a coconut palm on the Maldives’ main prison island when the devastating tsunami swept across the Indian Ocean.

Maldives: Day-to-day life in a temporary camp
KHULUDOFAR ISLAND, Maldives, December 2005 – My name is Ibrahim Shaqib and I’m 12. I’m living in a camp on Khuludofar island. Every morning I get up, I read the Koran and then do my homework. Then, before I go to school, I usually play a game with my friends called barballa."

Maldives: UNICEF Representative speaks about the progress of rebuilding efforts
MALE, Maldives, December 2005 – UNICEF Representative in the Maldives Ken Maskall speaks about the challenges facing UNICEF and its partners in helping the people of the Maldives rebuild their lives after the tsunami.

Maldives: Preschools ‘built back better’ than before tsunami
LHAVIYANI ATOLL, Maldives, December 2005 - A ripple of excitement spread quickly through the little throng of 4- and 5-year-olds milling around the sandy school yard in the heat of the late morning. Their preschool teacher had picked up the hose pipe – and they knew what was coming. With a collective shriek, the water began to sprinkle down on them.

Maldives: Survey helps combat malnutrition
KUDAHUVADHOO ISLAND, Maldives, December 2005 – Shafts of sunlight pierced the acrid wood smoke from the open fires. Inside the communal kitchen lunch was nearly ready. Today, as most other days, it was the ubiquitous fish and rice.




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