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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis

How UNICEF is helping

Tsunami: Two year update

UNICEF shifted its work in eight tsunami-affected countries toward reconstruction in 2006, while increasingly sharing that responsibility with governments and communities. The massive task of constructing hundreds of permanent school buildings began, with the first students now learning in buildings that in Indonesia are more resistant to earthquakes. Health facilities were rebuilt to replace temporary clinics built during the first year. Child-care centres were erected and human capacity, depleted by the tsunami, is gradually being restored. UNICEF advocated at all stages with policymakers to incorporate the rights of children into all recovery planning, addressing systemic weaknesses which exposed children to risks.

Two years after the Indian Ocean tsunami left over 200,000 dead and missing, and uprooted millions more, the longer-term impact is reported in UNICEF’s 24-month update, MUCH DONE, MORE TO DO.

Tsunami: One year update

This update marks one year since a massive earthquake off the coast of Sumatra triggered the worst natural catastrophe in living memory. Within this relatively short period of time a great deal has changed: the dead have been buried, the homeless have been given shelter, and the orphaned received care and protection. Even in the hardest-hit areas rebuilding has begun. Children are once again attending classes, many of them in temporary facilities. Health centres are being rehabilitated and their services upgraded. Already, signs of recovery are beginning to show.

For key facts, figures and details of UNICEF actions in countries affected by the tsunami, see the BUILDING BACK BETTER A 12-Month Update on UNICEF’s Work to Rebuild Children’s Lives and Restore Hope since the Tsunami [PDF].



Official updates

Read the full text of ‘Much Done, More to Do’
 UNICEF's two year tsunami update [PDF]

Children and the Tsunami, A Year On: A Draft UNICEF Summary of What Worked [PDF]

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