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Tsunami disaster – countries in crisis

Protecting the Tsunami Generation from disease

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Fatia, 15, is vaccinated against measles at a camp for people displaced by the tsunami disaster, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, 7 January 2005 - Currently living in over-crowded relief camps, the Tsunami Generation in Banda Aceh are now  becoming extremely vulnerable to disease.

UNICEF has quickly sprung into action  to protect these children from a measles outbreak. Volunteers and experts are working around the clock at a local hospital in Banda Aceh, immunizing children against the deadly disease. After immunization, the children also receive Vitamin A supplements.

UNICEF is working with partners in a coordinated effort to supply other routine vaccinations as well and is providing refrigerators in which to store temperature sensitive vaccinations.

After immunization, the children also receive Vitamin A supplements.

In collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF  is ensuring that the best practices in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria are also being implemented. Anti-tetanus serum was also sent to Banda Aceh today.

And in Copenhagen, Denmark workers at a UNICEF warehouse  shipped emergency health kits to serve 200,000 people for a duration of about 2 weeks. UNICEF has ordered additional medical kits to meet the needs of 10,000 more families.










7 January 2005: Measles campaign in Banda Aceh

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