Giving Voices to Data

Stories from the Youth Profile

Finalists of The Youth Challenge are offering an innovation for their local community
UNICEF/Egypt 2020/Mohamed Ragaa


“Giving Voice to Data: Stories from the Youth Profile is byproduct of the “Youth Profile,” which synthesized information from qualitative and quantitative sources about the situation of young Egyptians aged 10-24. The data cover the four spheres of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement.

To bring children and youth-related data to life, the Youth Profile was supplemented with a series of focus group discussions and life story interviews that aim at capturing the experiences of young people themselves along with the realities which  the numbers and data available about young people in Egypt reflect. Youth engaged in primary data collection included young males and females living in different settings such as semi-urban areas and border governorates, young migrants, young people with disabilities, as well as young people forced to drop out of school, to work through their education, and/or to grow up in alternative care homes.”

Giving Voice to Data: Stories from the Youth Profile
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