Ismailia Acting Governor, the British Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and UNICEF conduct a visit to a school in Ismailia

18 September 2019
Ismailia Acting Governor, the British Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and UNICEF conduct a visit to a school in Ismailia
Omar Matter

ISMAILIA, 17 September 2019, Today, Ismailia acting governor Engineer Ahmed Essam, alongside representatives from the British Embassy in Cairo, UNICEF and the Egyptian Red Crescent, visited a school in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia.

They attended part of the large-scale distribution of school supplies that started beginning of September in North and South Sinai as well as in the Ismailia Governorates, part of the three-year project “Integrated Education Services for Vulnerable and Marginalised Children in Egypt”. 

The UK Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) has allocated a total of 276 million Egyptian Pounds to the project, of which the objective is largely to contribute to the current educational reform process, Education 2.0, and improving the quality of educational services in Egypt.

Acting governor of Ismailia Engineer Ahmed Essam said that “the governorate is glad to see all that being done, and we are strongly supporting UNICEF and all its partners, providing all the facilities and coordination needed to ensure that the process is smoothly taking place.”  

The distribution of school supplies comes in line with the new curriculum on Life skills and Citizenship Education (LSCE) which is embedded at the heart of UNICEF work across the MENA region. This curriculum is also at the center of the Education 2.0 transformation programme. It addresses 12 core skills to help a child become economically active and socially competent.  

“We as UNICEF will spare no effort to support the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in achieving the goal of educational quality and equity for every child,” said Mr. Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Egypt. “With the support of the UK government, providing schools with this wide range of supplies we saw today makes them readier to roll out the new curriculum which is part of the educational reform program Education 2.0”, added Maes.

The new education system has been introduced in the school-year 2018/2019 and is gradually replacing the current system. By 2030, ‘Education 2.0’ is planned to be the only operating national education system from pre-primary education up to secondary education.

British Ambassador to Egypt Sir Geoffrey Adams said: “The UK has long been a partner for Egypt in the field of education. Today, we take a new step in our ever-growing partnership by targeting those who need it most. With the distribution of new schools supplies, we offer a tool for today’s children to gain the skills and knowledge, they need to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

The Egyptian Red Crescent official said “the association and its dedicated volunteers are working around the clock to deliver the supplies to all the 550 schools in North & South Sinai as well as Ismailia. Our aim is providing the less privileged schools in the targeted governorates with all the means needed for this education transformation Egypt is witnessing now.”   

The Education 2.0 transformation will provide focused support in selected schools in the form of improving physical environments, training school teachers and supervisors to advance the quality of education in Egypt.

Watch the video of school supplies distribution here.

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