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Moustaqbalak "Your Future" Portal

Moustaqbalak (Your Future) portal aims to provide Egyptian young people with information on organizations and programmes that can assist them in finding jobs, provide them with training opportunities that would qualify them for the labour market, or those which would support them in establishing micro and small enterprises.

The idea of the portal derived from the existence of many services for young people related to employment, being governmental or non-governmental or private. However, many young people are unaware how to access these services and have limited information about them. In addition, information not being available in one location makes accessibility more difficult to young people. 

This portal has been designed based on a partnership between the Information and Decision Support Center, the National Council of Youth and UNICEF, with support from Barclays Bank.

Main services of the Portal:

Jobs opportunities
The portal offers an overview of the different organizations that provide employment opportunities for young people, either by providing these opportunities directly, or through preparing young people for the labour market. These entities include: the Employment Offices affiliated to the Ministry of Manpower's Directorates, Handicrafts and Production Cooperation Agency, NGOs, and Industrial Zones of the different governorates. The portal also includes links to websites that provide up-to-date information on job opportunities for youth.
Training opportunities
The portal provides information on training opportunities provided by several organizations. These include governmental training programmes (vocational training centers, offices of the Ministry of Local Development at the governorates, Handicrafts and Production Cooperation Agency, etc..), as well as,  training opportunities offered by community service centers at universities, some private training centers, NGOs, and many others in various fields.

Organizations that support micro and small enterprises for young people
The portal provides information about organizations that provide credit to young people, as well as the services provided by these organizations: funding, training, and technical assistance in the establishment of micro and small enterprises. The list includes the Social Fund for Development, NGOs among others.




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