Education programme: Additional resources

For every child, education.

Adolescent education and skills

Improving the quality of lower secondary through inquiry-based learning and skills development (Argentina)

Learning of life skills at the heart of national curriculum reform (Egypt)

Learning, life skills and citizenship education and social cohesion through game-based sports – Nashatati Programme (Jordan)

The Personal Project (Morocco) 

Improving adolescents’ learning in violence-affected areas through blended in-person and online learning opportunities - Communities in Harmony for Children and Adolescents (Mexico)

Early childhood education

Scaling up quality early childhood education in India by investing in ongoing professional development for officials at the state, district and local levels (India)

Strengthening early childhood education in the national education plan and budget in Lesotho to help children succeed in primary and beyond (Lesotho)

Harnessing technology to promote communication, education and social inclusion for young children with developmental delays and disabilities (Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia)

Expanding access to quality early childhood education for the most excluded children (Serbia)

Early learning assessment module (West and Central Africa regions)

Education in emergencies

Teaching at the right level to improve learning in Borno State (Nigeria)

Learning assessments

Strengthening the national assessment system through the new National Achievement Survey improves assessment of children’s learning outcomes (India)

Southeast Asia primary learning metrics: Assessing the learning outcomes of grade 5 students (Southeast Asia)

Primary education

Online diagnostic testing and interactive tutoring (Bulgaria)

Life skills and citizenship education through Experiential Learning Objects Bank (State of Palestine)

Education for children with disabilities

Accessible digital textbooks for children in Kenya (Kenya)

Resources for partners

Learning at the heart of education