Girls' education campaigns

Global Action Week 2004 - Nepal

© UNICEF Nepal 2004/Tuladhar
A young student addresses the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education during Global Action Week 2004.

Thirty-four districts mobilized; over 20,000 letters sent to Prime Minister

A full week of activities saw children from thirty-four districts across Nepal urge their country's leaders to do more to ensure every child's right to education. During Global Action Week 2004, UNICEF in partnership with government departments, non-governmental organizations, the media and other UN agencies, helped bring children's voices to the fore.

© UNICEF Nepal 2004/Tuladhar
A letter to the Prime Minister, written on cloth and signed by children, asking the government to educate all children.

More than 20,000 letters written by children were sent to the Prime Minister, indicating the importance young Nepalis attach to the need for education for all. Another of the week's major activities was the preparation of maps showing the number of children, by gender, who are missing out on their education. In Nepal, there is a disproportionate number of girls who are out of school. UNICEF integrated into the Action Week its new initiative, Welcome to School, which is designed to get more girls and other marginalized children into school.


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