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Fox Kids Cup 2003

© Fox Kids 2003, photograph by Paul Atherton
All smiles from a Bulgarian player

The Fox Kids Cup 2003 Finals, dedicated to Go Girls! Education for Every Child, were staged in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Finals commenced with the opening ceremony on Sunday 22 June and climaxed with the awards presentation on Wednesday 25 June.

This year’s participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey, UK and USA.

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On Sunday, participants paraded across Rotterdam’s Erasmus Bridge to celebrate the opening of the Fox Kids Cup Finals.

© Fox Kids 2003, photograph by Paul Atherton
Another great year for the The Fox Kids Cup

Excitement was already high during Sunday’s opening games.

These teams won Tuesday’s games and competed in the quarterfinals on Wednesday before the finals:

(Girls teams) Netherlands v. Bulgaria, France v. Spain, Italy v. Germany and Israel v. Hungary.

(Boys teams) Brazil v. Peru, Russia v. Panama, Spain v. France, and Israel v. Hungary.

Emotions reached fever pitch on Wednesday as the finals teams vied for the Fox Kids Cup. In close games, the boys’ team from France conceded victory to Brazil after a three to four score. The French girls’ team beat Israel one to zero.

Zambian football star Kalusha presided over the award of the UNICEF Fair Play Trophy to the German boys’ and Spanish girls’ teams.

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