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Global Girls Football Day

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A young participant from Bhutan chatting with others from across Africa and South Asia

On Global Girls Football Day, 11 October 2003, young people from eight countries across Africa and South Asia participated in the final part of a series of live chats along with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Olympic gold medalist Johann Olav Koss.

The three chats, hosted by UNICEF’s Voices of Youth, focused on how participating in sport can help young people to succeed in school and to become active members of their communities.

“Before I became active in sports I was not doing well in school - I did not understand and follow my lessons well.  When I began taking athletics seriously, however, my grades shot up and I have been coming in first and second in my class.” - Participant from Ethiopia.

“Sport helps improve education: it improves retention, you can concentrate better, and there are psychological factors that help children learn better after they have done sport.” – Johann Olav Koss.

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