Girls' education campaigns


© UNICEF/HQ98-1087/ Giacomo Pirozzi
Three girls share a desk and get help from their teacher in Ibadan, Nigeria

Education is every child’s right. It equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to realize their potential and to protect themselves from harm. And the better quality of life education brings, translates into huge benefits for society. That's why education is essential to the development of every country. However, girls are far too often left behind. If this continues, such progress will never be made.

UNICEF has launched the ‘25 by 2005 Girls’ Education Campaign’ to accelerate its ongoing efforts towards the world’s commitment of educating every child. The campaign focuses on getting girls into school in 25 countries where an extra effort is needed to meet the 2005 Millennium Development Goal of gender parity in education. ‘25 by 2005’ targets partners such as governments and donors who make some of the key policy and resource decisions affecting the education of girls.

UNICEF’s ‘Go Girls! Education for Every Child’ campaign is about raising awareness, generating public support and mobilizing resources for ‘25 by 2005’. We work with a wide range of partners – from children and teachers to religious leaders – and popular sports such as soccer and cricket help us reach them.

If we meet the 2005 goal, the futures of a whole generation of girls and their communities will be so much brighter. Boys will benefit too: because girls generally face higher obstacles to education, removing these is the best way to ensure that enrolment increases for both boys and girls. And because the benefits of education are passed from one generation to the next, the futures of those that follow will be much brighter too.

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