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Let Us Learn


Let Us Learn

Let Us Learn is a unique collaboration between UNICEF and private donors that launched in 2011. It addresses the urgent need to provide learning opportunities for the most marginalized children – children at risk of being left behind. The initiative focuses especially on girls, the largest group of children excluded from education. 

Reaching the hardest to reach

There are 59.3 million children of primary school age and 64.8 million children of lower secondary school age out of school. 34 million of all out-of-school children (aged 6-15) live in countries that have been affected by conflict. Girls are one of the most marginalized groups, with more than half being excluded from education. Most are children from the poorest families, from rural areas or from ethnic or linguistic minorities. Many are children with disabilities or children who have to work to help their families make ends meet. The greatest challenge is faced by children with multiple disadvantages – girls from poor rural areas, children of ethnic minorities who also have a disability, and children displaced from their homes.

Let Us Learn addresses the specific needs of these children by focusing on three pillars aimed at addressing inequalities in education: reaching out-of-school children, expanding girls’ education and improving quality outcomes for learners.

The initiative operates in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar and Nepal. It employs innovative strategies to create safe learning environments with well-trained teachers that impart the skills and competencies children need to lead healthy and productive lives. 

Let Us Learn - Educating the Hardest to Reach from UNICEF Education on Vimeo.

What has Let Us Learn achieved?

  • Let Us Learn has reached over 895,000 children with a variety of innovative and adaptive programmes.
  • In Afghanistan, Let Us Learn has ensured access to basic education for over 9,000 out-of-school children, 80 per cent of whom are girls.
  • Let Us Learn has provided support to 40,000 out-of-school children and adolescents from Bangladesh beginning with pre-primary education and continuing to workforce training programmes. 
  • Nearly 80 per cent of students enrolled in Liberia’s Let Us Learn programme increased their core subject pass rates by 25 per cent.
  • Let Us Learn awarded over 4,000 scholarships to girls in Madagascar to help them enrol and stay in school through the lower secondary level.
  • Over 8,000 out-of-school adolescent girls have enrolled in non-formal classes that provide flexible learning opportunities in Nepal.

Let Us Learn because... from UNICEF Education on Vimeo.



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