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Inclusive education

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An estimated 93 million children around the world live with disabilities.

Like all children, they need quality education to develop their skills and realize their dreams. Children with disabilities have much to contribute to society, and inclusive education is key to unlocking that potential. However, throughout the world, children with disabilities are among those most likely to be out of school and remain invisible.

For children with disabilities, lack of education reinforces poverty. Robbed of their right to a quality education, they miss out on the opportunity to develop into productive and participatory adults.
Inclusive education systems provide children a fair chance to go to school and learn, allowing them to realize their right to an education and fulfil their potential.

What is inclusive education?

When UNICEF talks about inclusive education, we mean real learning opportunities within the regular school system for groups who have traditionally been excluded, such as children with disabilities and speakers of minority languages. If they are segregated into special schools, children with disabilities do not get a fair educational chance and are further isolated from their societies.

Some necessary steps to include children with disabilities in education systems:

• Build or retrofit schools to eliminate physical, communication and information barriers

• Ensure that curricula and resources are accessible to all

• Train teachers to foster inclusive educational environments

• Collect data about disability to make children with disabilities visible and mark progress towards inclusive education

• Support education ministries to take responsibility for including children with disabilities as they work to achieve universal education goals.

Read about UNICEF's work to provide inclusive educational opportunities so children with disabilities can go to school and learn.



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