01 June 2023

No child left behind: #LetsGetLearning

What if… every child in Europe and Central Asia has the opportunity to access quality education, starting from preschool?   Education is a basic right and a powerful tool that helps shape the future of individuals, societies, and economies.   By working together with teachers, parents, civil society, academic and private sector partners, as well…, Bridging the learning gap, What if… every child has the chance to learn the skills they need to live a healthy life, and become the problem-solvers, peacemakers, effective communicators and innovators of the future? A third of preschool-age children in Europe and Central Asia do not have access to early education. Inclusive Education Campaign Inclusive education campaign…, Education helps children cope with adversity, heal and thrive, Here’s how educators have made a positive impact in the lives of learners around the world What if… all teachers have access to the training and resources they need to support learning for every child? Parents and children across the Europe and Central Asia share personal stories of their most memorable experiences with teachers  and how they made…, #LetsGetLearning, You can be part of transforming education by downloading these social media cards and sharing them on your own social media channels. Together, we can help create safer, more inclusive learning environments for all children. Don't forget to tag #LetsGetLearning Inclusive Education Campaign Inclusive Education Campaign Inclusive Education Campaign…, Toolkits to help support inclusive education, Rebuilding, restructuring and reimagining education These toolkits are designed to help preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools create more inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students. The toolkits provide resources and guidance on how to engage parents, communities, and municipalities in increasing enrollment and…, Extra resources, UNICEF works to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, have access to quality education. Below are some additional resources, articles and publications around building a more inclusive education system: