Sana finds a second home in Serbia

After a harrowing journey from Afghanistan, Sana now has somewhere to play

By Vladimir Banic
Sana, a refugee in Afghanistan now in Serbia.

14 August 2017

Ten-year-old Sana and her family left Afghanistan so that Sana could go to school in safety.

They now live in a centre for refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia, where Sana is studying hard to fulfil her dream to become a doctor. She has a real knack for languages: she already speaks English and is learning Serbian, but says “I miss Afghanistan a lot.”

Like the other children who live in this refugee centre, Sana has had nowhere to play and has spent most of her time indoors.

“I am most of the time in my room, and it’s very boring,” she says.

But now, with support from UNICEF and the European Union, everything has changed. 

A girl and a boy peek out of a playhouse door
Sana and her 4 year old brother Amir play in their new playground at a centre for refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia.
Sana on the playground.
Sana enjoys the new playground, at the UNICEF/ECHO supported centre for refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia.

Where there was just a blank patch of grass outside the centre, a new playground has been built, complete with brightly coloured swings, a play-house, slides and see-saws.

There is plenty of room for everyone to run, play and get to know each other, and new clothes and shoes help the children enjoy the summer sunshine.

“Now this is like my home,” says Sana.