Lessons we should learn from the COVID-19 crisis

Young people in Serbia keep the community's morale high

Milos Selakovic
Milos Our Voices
29 April 2020

About the author

Miloš Selaković (22), born in Užice but currently living in Belgrade. While studying at The Faculty of Security Studies, Miloš is also Advocacy Assistant for the Association of Students with Disabilities. During 2018, he was working as a correspondent for a well-known magazine in Serbia - Security see. In 2016, In the state athletics competition Milos won first place for the visually impaired in javelin throw. In addition to his commitment to his work and learning, Miloš expects next year to enroll in master's studies.


We can overcome these circumstances only through mutual cooperation, developed collective spirit, great social responsibility and implementation of preventive measures.

Successfully overcoming a crisis does not only mean successfully eliminating its consequences and reducing its negative impact. Overcoming a crisis also involves realizing one's own mistakes, shortcomings, deficiencies, readiness to respond to a crisis and constant work on combating it. We will overcome the crisis if we take something from it and if we learn lessons that will allow us to be more prepared and resilient when we have to face a new risk in the future.


Milos Selakovic

This crisis has already shown us that as humanity we must have a developed social consciousness, which usually becomes prominent in situations of risks and threats we are faced with. A large number of young people are using their time to contribute to the society, through various forms of coordinated volunteering and precaution measures, through online activities and provision of support. We adhere to the advised measures, but through our support, discussions, writing and organizing online events and activities we are helping keep the community morale high.

Experts and decision-makers around the world are prescribing measures to combat the spread of this virus, and our health care system is doing its best and we are eternally grateful to them. The virus pandemic showed us that we must build our resilience and that our health depends on each one of us. We are not responsible only for our own condition, but also for conditions of all those we were in contact with.

"In situations of uncertainty, panic, fear and special measures, people's spirit and healthy attitude should be specially preserved and be of paramount importance"

The morale and social activities are an important factor in our everyday lives, and they are especially pronounced in emergencies. In situations of uncertainty, panic, fear and special measures, people's spirit and healthy attitude should be specially preserved and be of paramount importance. Young people organize online events, various interactive competitions, shows, tournaments in popular computer games, stand-up comedy and similar. Thus, we influence each other through positive and calm attitude. We are here to support the elderly and our parents. Some museums and theatres enabled attending their programs and performances online. Class attendance is made possible, and young people in home quarantine can also attend online courses and trainings to learn new skills, improve their knowledge and interests.

During this crisis we have to overcome, I am writing this note to myself and each one of you, and as you are reading this I wonder: is there a flip side of the coin? I would like this to be the true reflection of things and I am working towards it, and I am sure you agree.