Fatherhood during quarantine

How Luka and his father spent the quarantine period in Georgia's village

14 September 2020

Luka is 5 years old and just like many kids of his age, he used to go to the kindergarten, play in the yard and be involved in different activities. During the spring break he went to his grandmother to spend a week in the countryside. Right then the pandemic started and a strict lockdown was declared in the country. The village where Luka was spending his holidays was totally locked down. Luka’s father - Kote immediately travelled from the capital city Tbilisi to the village to be with Luka. In the video Luka and Kote tell us how they spent one month in lockdown. As Kote says, fatherhood is a very big responsibility as it is, and more so – in a quarantine.

UNICEF Georgia