Delivering vital supplies to fight COVID-19 across Europe and Central Asia

UNICEF is working with partners across the Region to protect children and families during the pandemic

Maria Spiridonova
04 May 2020


Four tons of equipment have been delivered from UNICEF's Copenhagen warehouse to Croatia including 30,000 professional medical masks, 30,000 protective gloves, 18,000 protective suits and gowns, 4,000 bags for safe disposal of medical waste, 2 500 protective caps and 130 pairs of protective rubber boots.

The first batch of professional protective and medical equipment acquired by UNICEF


Three hundred and eighty Roma families in Georgia received packages with essential hygiene and food products. UNICEF personnel also visited some of the vulnerable families to inform them on measures they can take to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A child with a package in Georgia


The first shipment of supplies arrived in Italy on 30 March and included surgical masks and gloves, protective suits and goggles, gowns and thermometers.

UNICEF packages


Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, UNICEF in Kosovo* has distributed 12,000 family hygiene kits to an estimated 72,000 people. UNICEF has also conducted a rapid assessment of 204 families with children through telephone interviews. Almost every family involved - 97 per cent – said they valued the assistance and asked for ongoing support.

The US Ambassador, Mr. Philip Kosnett and UN Kosovo Team representatives meet the Minister of Health for the delivery of the new hygiene supply kits for families in need and health centers.
UNICEF/2020/S. Karahoda


UNICEF in Romania is providing protective equipment to frontline community workers during the pandemic. UNICEF is also supporting social workers and community nurses who provide the most vulnerable children and families with care and medical support. Not only do these frontline workers support families but they also help relieve demand on the healthcare system.

UNICEF project assistant checks gloves packs


UNICEF in Serbia has procured more than $935,000 USD of supplies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The supplies include medical and protective equipment for health care workers, as well hygiene kits that will be given to vulnerable families and children. 

Hygiene packages for the most vulnerable families in Serbia
UNICEF Srbija/2020/Shubuckl


In Tajikistan UNICEF is supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Protection by delivering vital medical supplies.

Essential medical supplies
UNICEF Tajikistan/2020


UNICEF, in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent and other national partners, is distributing psycho-social support kits to 50,000 Turkish and refugee families throughout Turkey. The kits include writing and drawing materials, puzzles, playdough and activity booklets which provide parents with exercises and games to engage their children.

Helping Children

*All references to Kosovo should be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).