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Hiba Al Nabolsi a 10 year old Syrian refugee endured an exhausting and risky journey to safety. Here she is in a UNICEF-supported child-friendly space at a refugee and migrant transit centre in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
UNICEF/UN034289/Torgovnik / Verbatim Photo

Situation reports

Situation report are the main reporting tool to monitor UNICEF's Humanitarian Action for Children appeal for the refugee and migrant response in Europe. It provides an update on the situation and needs of refugee and migrant children and women in Europe, as well as UNICEF's response and funding requirements. 


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  • Children made up a quarter of the 120,560 refugees and migrants arriving in Europe through Mediterranean migration routes in 2019. Nearly 80 per cent of them were registered in Greece alone.
  • In 2019, with UNICEF support nearly 19,500 children benefitted from psychosocial counselling, case management and referral. Another 5,380 unaccompanied children were also able to access community-based care, and over 24,000 children attended quality formal and non-formal education classes.
  • Some 8,100 women, girls, boys and men were reached by enhanced GBV prevention and response services, while 1,760 frontline practitioners gained knowledge and skills to protect children on the move in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
  • UNICEF’s 2019 Refugee and Migrant HAC appeal was 70 per cent funded. As UNICEF now enters its fifth year of active response, its needs amount to US$ 27.3 million to ensure that in 2020 newly arrived refugee and migrant children and their families have access to critical services, while those already in Europe have expanded social inclusion opportunities through access to education, health and protection.

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