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Albania: Violence through the eyes of young people

© UNICEF/Chris Schuepp/2006
© UNICEF/Chris Schuepp/2006
Filming of a bullying scene for one of OneMinutesJr videos at the workshop in Tirana.

"What does violence look like, what does violence feel like? And how do we show it in a minute?"

These were the questions on the minds of 21 teenagers from Albania who met last week in the Marubi Film School to produce OneMinuteJr films on different forms of violence against children. Supported by UNICEF Albania, the teenagers and their trainers spent five days writing, filming and editing their stories. The films will open the national launch event for the global UN study on violence in the capital Tirana.

- Megi Melani (18)

Some children are hungry...
- Taulant Binjaku (19)

- Soena Lame (18)

Look what she did
- Limonera Bozha (18)

Fade away
- Klesta Galanxhi (17)

I want to be free
- Mesila Hoxha (17)

No time for you
- Merina Dervishi (17)

The age of love
- Gregorio Trako (19)

Light, happiness, joy
- Ishela Boksi (14)

- Andi Kociaj (17)

Little man
- Marin Marika (18)

When the eyes can see...
- Dea Mahmutaj (15)

Vanishing sound
- Roland Pjetrushaj (18)

Why? - Why not?
- Ilion Trebicka (17)

Violence has been a topic in a number of films produced since 2003 when the project began in the region. Here is another short selection of relevant films. You can many more resources on the OneMinuteJr project website.

The OneMinutesJr is a project supported by UNICEF and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). It empowers and encourages young people (aged 12-20) in Europe and Central Asia to use their creativity in the production of one-minute videos.

For more information:

Anila Miria
Assistant Communication Officer
UNICEF Tirana Office
Tel. +273 335/6/7/8/9 ext. 18





Albanian OneMinutesJr

A photo essay on the video workshop and making of these videos (October 2006)

[View photo essay]

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