The Role of Assistive Technology in Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

You are invited: Interactive exhibition on assistive technology, 7-8 March 2019, Geneva

Noa, 4 years old, takes part in an activity designed to help with his communication skills at the specialist Centre for Children with Autism in Zagreb.
UNICEF/Vanda Kljajo

Around the world, an estimated 93 million children, under the age of 15, are living with some kind of disability. These children too often face discrimination and exclusion from school and their societies.

Assistive technologies for children living disabilities can mean the difference between enjoying their rights and being deprived of them.

To highlight the potential of assistive technologies to ensure children with disabilities attend inclusive schools, UNICEF, in partnership with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Bulgaria and other International Organizations in Geneva, is holding an interactive exhibition of the latest innovations in the field.

Participating companies, organizations, and academic institutions will display products and solutions, present videos and use multimedia platforms to demonstrate good practices for the use of assistive technology to support children with disabilities.

Details for attendees

Come and discover the potential of assistive technology to accelerate and facilitate learning and inclusive education for children with disabilities.

The exhibit is taking place on 7-8 March 2019 at the Palais des Nations, in Geneva Switzerland. The exhibit opens on 7 March, at 12 pm.

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