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Seventeenth new youth centre opened in South Kyrgyzstan

Over 90 per cent of deaths from suicide among adolescents in Russia are rooted in the disadvantaged family situation: UNICEF research

UNICEF and Turkmenistan’s Gunesh magazine promote children’s participation and self-expression

UNICEF helps young activists from three regions in Turkey to develop leadership skills

Turkmenistan young people are empowered on their health and development

UNICEF and AFFA team up to promote girls participation in Azerbaijan

UNICEF launches Innovations Lab Kosovo

Your voice matters: teenagers in Montenegro ask to sound out about UNICEF

UNICEF in Armenia Launches Its Flagship Publication Together with Adolescents

Adolescents in Moldova to parliamentarians: "You speak about future, we are the present!"

UNICEF: Investing in adolescents can break cycles of poverty and inequity



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