UNICEF Refugee Response in the Czech Republic

Results and Priorities



The government and people of the Czech Republic have demonstrated a remarkable and enduring solidarity in welcoming over half a million refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the sudden arrival of a large refugee wave has put significant pressure on the national system. UNICEF has been working in close partnership with national institutions to support the delivery of the refugee response, including targeted humanitarian services, policy and systems strengthening, as well as enhancement of national and local capacities.

Strengthening national systems by partnering with ministries and other national level authorities. UNICEF established workplans with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Health; and the Ministry of the Interior.

Strengthening systems at local level to provide services for refugee children and families through partnerships with regions and municipalities. UNICEF established a partnership with the City of Prague, which hosts the largest share of refugees (25 per cent) to provide comprehensive support and services for refugee children and their families. UNICEF is supporting refugee response coordination at regional level to address the needs of the most vulnerable refugees in a comprehensive manner.

Strengthening outreach and services for refugee children and their families by partnering with civil society organizations (CSOs). UNICEF is supporting the expansion of outreach and provision of basic services to the most vulnerable refugee children and their families, including unaccompanied and separated children, children with disabilities and children from the Roma community.

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