Ukraine and Refugee Outflow situation reports

Since the outbreak of war, UNICEF has been working closely with local authorities in the neighbouring countries to expand services for Ukrainian children and families



Together with UNHCR, other United Nations agencies and humanitarian partners, UNICEF scaled up its multi-sectoral response in 19 refugee hosting countries, leveraging partnerships established through longstanding country programmes and a strong network of National Committees. In countries where it did not have a presence prior to the war (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), UNICEF quickly formed solid partnerships with national governments and municipalities. UNICEF expanded its close relationships with national governments and municipalities, worked on the ground with NGOs and civil society organizations, and developed new multi-country partnerships, including Eurocities, a network of over 200 major cities across Europe, and the World Organization of the Scouts Movement, covering Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine. 

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