Schooling in the time of COVID-19, a resource pack produced by UNICEF ECARO and WHO Europe

Resource Pack with tips and tools to help reopening of schooling as safely as possible.

Karlygash Kanatkyzy, 14 years old, is the 9th grade school student who participated in UNICEF volunteering programme Be Kind on bullying prevention in schools.


Schools are essential for children’s learning, health, safety and well-being. But students’ learning suffered a major setback when most educational institutions reduced or cancelled in-person instruction and moved to remote learning and teaching to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Prolonged school closures continue to jeopardise the future of millions of children across the globe. The Europe and Central Asia Region is no exception.

Schools should be the first to open and last to close. Getting children back in the classroom remains a priority for UNICEF and WHO Regional Offices, striking a balance between applying public health and social measures and ensuring that children are able to continue learning and socializing to the greatest extent possible. UNICEF and WHO have created several tools and resources to support countries in their back-to-school efforts. This joint UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (UNICEF/ ECARO) and WHO Regional Office for Europe Schooling Resource Pack has an easy-to-find compilation of materials to help parents/caregivers, teachers and students return to school safely.

This Resource Pack brings materials to each of the following audiences:

  • School administrators/ Authorities
  • Parents/ Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Students

For each audience, materials are provided in a one-page format with links to resources from both UNICEF and WHO. All materials can be downloaded and printed.

COVER_Schooling in the time of COVID-19, a resource pack produced by UNICEF ECARO and WHO Europe
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