Research for national situation analyses on early childhood intervention

A methodological guide

A parent plays with her two children.


In the Europe and Central Asia Region (ECA), in collaboration with other organizations and networks, UNICEF has promoted national policy and programme development for early childhood development (ECD). Within the ECD framework, UNICEF promotes regional and country initiatives for early childhood intervention (ECI) to support families whose children have developmental delays and other difficulties.

This Methodological Guide on Research for National Situation Analyses on Early Childhood Intervention was developed in response to requests to UNICEF and the RISE Institute from countries and regional and international agencies for guidance on how to conduct effective research on the status of ECI systems and their services. Little published research exists on the status of national ECI systems. National institutions struggle to secure essential data for planning their national ECI systems and for improving, expanding and developing ECI services in public institutions and civil society organizations. Knowing that the RISE Institute conducts primary research that is required to prepare national ECI Situation Analyses, UNICEF invited the institute to prepare this Methodological Guide and subsequently help to implement it in Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo. 

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