Relocation and Integration of UAC from Greece to other EU Member States

Guiding principles and approaches

A young girl in front of her tent outside the Reception and Identification Centre in Moria
UNICEF/UN0274758/Haviv VII Photo


As of February 29, there are 5,379 unaccompanied children in Greece who remain in urgent need of durable solutions, including expedited registration, processing and relocation. Recent pledges by EU countries to support the relocation of some UAC is welcomed. This Principles and Approaches to Guide Relocation and Integration document has been aligned with the complimentary guidance “Minimum Child Protection Standards for Identification” that outlines the principles that should guide selection and prioritization.

Once children have been identified for relocation, a number of measures to protect and streamline the relocation and integration process in line with child protection standards are recommended. This document is a chapeau of these recommendations and builds on the existing support structures that exist across Europe and in likely countries of relocation (such as Germany and Finland).

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