Programmatic Update on Phase III of the European Child Guarantee (November 2022)

An initiative of the European Commission which aims to ensure that the most vulnerable children in the European Union have access to healthcare, education, childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition.

Fathers play with his daughter.


The following Programmatic Updates on Phase III of the Preparatory Action to the Child Guarantee provide a snapshot and progress from March 2021 to November 2022 of the ongoing work in each of the 7 pilot countries, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain to test the European Child Guarantee.

In 4 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Italy), in close cooperation with the national and local governments, 18 evidenced based and sustainable models of services and interventions for children from disadvantaged backgrounds are being implemented and tested for replicability.

Read more about key results for the first year of implementation of the Phase III of the European Child Guarantee.

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