Parenting Adolescents

A Regional Study on Parenting Adolescents and Parenting Support Programmes


Adolescence is a critical period of transition between childhood and adulthood that is characterised by transformations in children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. These natural processes can make adolescence a challenging season - both for adolescents and their parents and caregivers.

Global evidence indicates that parenting support programmes equip and empower parents and caregivers to improve parenting practices and enhance adolescent wellbeing and development. However, this evidence primarily comes from high-income contexts and studies of early childhood that focus on ages zero through five.

The regional study Parenting Adolescents expands and deepens the limited evidence base for understanding adolescence, the parenting of adolescents and parenting support programmes in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region, with a focus on the middle and upper-middle income countries of Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro and Romania.

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