Hope amid crisis

One year of UNICEF’s response in Poland for children and families fleeing war in Ukraine

First Lady during the Hope amid Crisis progress report event
UNICEF/U.S. CDC/ UN0705584/Kasia Strek


This report outlines the work of the UNICEF Refugee Response Office in Poland a year on from its formation. The office was established days after the war in Ukraine escalated in February 2022 to respond to the resulting refugee crisis. Our priority is to ensure refugee families are safe and cared for and children can continue learning.    

The report also covers the situation of children and families coming to Poland from Ukraine and the impact over 365 days of violence, trauma, loss, destruction and displacement has had on refugee families and children.  

Additionally, the report looks at how the context in Poland, a high-income country and EU member state, has shaped UNICEF’s response. This has seen a focus on systems strengthening, technical expertise and partnerships with local, as well as central, government and NGOs.  


  • Introduction from Country Coordinator  

  • Situation and response overview 

  • On-the-ground emergency support 

  • Keeping children learning and thriving 

  • Keeping children protected 

  • Supporting mental health 

  • Keeping children healthy 

  • Involving, supporting and empowering young people 

  • Social and behaviour change 

  • Funding 

  • Acknowledgements 

UNICEF Refugee Response Office in Poland
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