Children’s Equitable Access to Justice: Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Equitable access to justice for children in Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro.


The right to have access to justice – while generally recognized for adults – still seems to many to be inconceivable or unacceptable when it comes to children in parts of Europe and Central Asia. Children’s Equitable Access to Justice, published by UNICEF and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) provides insights from children, their families and justice-sector professionals on access to justice in four countries: Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Montenegro. 

It finds that children’s needs are not adequately addressed in justice systems, and that children and their families know little about child rights or where to seek redress. All children face serious obstacles in accessing justice, and judicial and administrative procedures are rarely child-friendly. But these obstacles are exacerbated for the children who are the most excluded, poorest and difficult-to-reach. The report calls for the greater integration of children’s access to justice into broader initiatives related to rule-of-law, security, governance and sustainable development, with the drive towards integration or closer association with the European Union (EU) an opportunity to push for greater progress in this area. 

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