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Day Three – Heavy filming schedule

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Nazerke (14, center) explaining her film to actor Adik (14, left) and cameraman Zhasulan (17, right).

The third day of the workshop starts the same way the second day ended – with clouds and rain.

Not the perfect weather really considering that we have to film about 10 more OneMinutesJr movies today. But once everybody has arrived at the workshop room, the sky opens up and the sun comes out.

The first film of the day is Demian's story at the dentist's. It takes a bit before we find a dentist who is not too busy and who agrees to do the filming with us. The clinic is very clean and therefore we have to improvise when we want to film the “dirty tools“ that Demain wanted to have in his movie. However, they are not so important after all as we find out that Demain really wanted to produce this film because of the fear he felt the last time he had to go to the dentist's himself. An issue that surely needs to be worked on, because children should not be afraid to go to the doctor's. Easy to say, of course, but maybe this film and the positive spin we will give it at the end is a first step to show other children that it is good to go to the dentist's in time before the toothache becomes to painful. Then they might see the doctor in a much more positive light.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
The cast at the boxing ring: Jengiz, Bagdat and Roman (left to right).

From the dentist's, we are almost straight off to other film locations, but on the way we pick up a basketball, some flowers and a wedding dress we need for the other participants. Then, in the center of Astana, we film Nazerke's story about a boy who gets rejected by a girl and who then starts to drink. In the end, his friends cheer him up and goes on to do sports instead. At the Astana boxing club, we shoot a similar film. Only that it is viceversa this time: Drugs make one of the teenage boxers so weak that he only sees a very blurry image of his opponent gets knocked out.

Back at the workshop venue, Almagul, the chaperone of the children from Kyzl-Orda, the ones who travelled 32 hours by train to get to Astana, tells us: “The children are enjoying it so much. Last night we went for a little walk and they just can't stop making up stories. One of the guys, Bagdat, probably already goes to bed with the camera. I haven't seen him without it since we arrived.“

While Bagdat is still out filming people and making interview at 9 PM, the editing has started and will continue till late and then tomorrow the whole day.

Astana, Kazakhstan – July 23, 2008 – Chris Schuepp



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